Our Linux support, configured to your requirements, whether you’re an enterprise in need of an outsourced IT department for your Linux infrastructure, a small business with specific free software requirements, or a support firm looking to supplement your team with our open-source expertise.

With in-depth knowledge of distributions ranging from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Server, OpenSUSE and Amazon Linux 2 to Slackware, Gentoo, Pop!_OS, and Arch, we can provide the specialist support your Linux boxes need to keep them running smoothly. We’re also more than comfortable with other POSIX operating systems, such as Solaris, UNIX, FreeBSD, and appliance-specific distributions such as pfSense for firewalls.

As your off-site Linux IT support department, we can provide constant monitoring, system maintenance, and on-site support as part of a bespoke service that supports Linux’s legendary stability. We’ll support anything from one Linux server to hundreds, complex clusters, embedded systems and Linux desktop fleets.

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Our experienced Linux specialists are also available to project manage and roll out Linux infrastructure and appliances, working with both open source and proprietary software as dictated by your business needs.

And for everything from fully outsourced monitoring and management to the reassurance of knowing that support is at the end of the phone when you need it, help4IT’s pay-as-you-go service puts out no-fuss expertise at your fingertips.

Finally, if you’re a specialist IT support company, our outsourced service means you can call on help4IT to augment your staff’s own formidable abilities with our combined decades of specialist Linux experience. From on-site hands to niche system deployments and expert unravelling of arcane support issues, our team has been hands-on with Linux since the 90s, so there’s little that we haven’t seen before.

We support and maintain Linux applications and systems

From network and server monitoring appliances, SQL database servers, CMS backends, VoIP telephony systems, and customer support ticketing systems. We will:

  • Support any Linux system, from a single server to a complex network infrastructure
  • Give you knowledgeable, unbiased advice on the benefits, savings, advantages and disadvantages of adding open source software to your business infrastructure
  • Provide emergency support for any Linux system, regardless of age, distribution or update status
  • Ensure that your systems receive the monitoring, updates and checks required to ensure consistent stability and high availability
  • Work side-by-side with your own IT team as needed, providing specialist knowledge to complement your vision
  • Give you access to a dedicated Linux specialist who’ll make it their job to know your systems

The help4IT advantage

System monitoring is the bedrock of proactive IT support. help4IT has deployed Zabbix to gather metrics and identify future problems across hundreds of machines. Mixed-OS fleets present no difficulty, with agents for not only Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and other POSIX operating systems, but also Windows. Our keen-eyed team uses this data about storage, memory, and CPU resource consumption to spot and prevent problems before they put your business at risk of downtime.

The open-source Moodle learning platform forms the backbone of many educational establishments’ electronic teaching, communication and submission systems. When a college’s existing Moodle installation ran out of space and crashed, we transitioned it to a new, dedicated server without losing the hard work of lecturers and students.

A finance and communications firm’s email and collaboration server, running on a virtual host in a blade cluster, failed to come back online after an office move. Where others had failed, our rescue team leveraged an intimate knowledge of both blade servers and niche Linux software to recover a year’s worth of email and restore the system to working order.

An expanding financial services company required a new VoIP telephony system for its call centres, capable of handling the call recording capabilities required by current financial regulations. We specified, installed and rolled out an Asterisk-based phone system to meet the requirements of both regulatory bodies and the staff who use it on a daily basis.

Production line control and backend infrastructure often relies on irreplaceable legacy hardware and software configurations, sometimes dating back decades. When help4IT was called in by a CPU fabricator, our team identified and triaged boot failures, bringing the factory’s backend systems back online, still running on 2003 hardware.

When a nationwide warehousing and logistics firm needed robust hardware to support its database systems, help4IT’s Linux support team deployed mirrored clusters with a redundant failover to provide consistent uptime for their Oracle-based warehouse management system deployment.

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