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help4IT is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of expert Linux technicians, specialising in emergency and long term support services across all key Linux distributions. Whether you’re a business with a bespoke Linux server configuration, a legacy infrastructure with no on-site support or another MSP needing specialist technicians for a project, help4IT’s team are on hand to support, consult and deliver a fast response – both on-site or remotely.help4IT provides Linux server support for all these and more distributions without preference or prejudice.

Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenSUSE, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux, Slackware.

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Emergency Rescue

  • Disaster recovery
  • Non-booting system rescue
  • Dependency rollback
  • Vulnerability  and threat mitigation
  • Assessment and rescuing of compromised systems

Project management & consultancy

  • Migration to and from Linux
  • Containerised application deployment (Docker / Kubernetes)
  • Cluster design, deployment and maintenance
  • Private enterprise cloud development
  • Linux server deployment and security
  • Network and systems-level hardening and security

Your expert Linux helpdesk

help4IT’s experienced Linux system and server support is available as a specialist helpdesk for your business or as an outsourced expert division of your own support firm.

Whether you require fully outsourced monitoring and management for the Linux machines on your network, or just want to know that support’s at the end of the phone when you need it with our pay-as-you-go service, help4IT has the expertise you require.

Application-specific support and deployment

  • Asterisk telephony systems
  • Linux server monitoring
  • Moodle backend infrastructure for education File and mail servers
  • Embedded Linux / BSD systems
  • pfSense and monowall firewalls
  • Production line control systems
  • Database clusters
  • Business intelligence / analytics
  • LAMP / LEMP servers
  • Log management
  • Desktop Linux

Open-source Software

help4IT’s Linux specialists have deployed and maintained systems for businesses ranging from production line, logistics and warehouse facilities to office and remote infrastructure for small, medium and large enterprises.

We not only know our way around every major Linux distribution; we’re fully up-to-date with the open-source software that underpins modern enterprise systems, the leading edge of new software innovations, and the older applications that it all descended from.

The help4IT advantage

System monitoring is the bedrock of proactive IT support. help4IT has deployed Zabbix to gather metrics and identify future problems across hundreds of machines. Mixed-OS fleets present no difficulty, with agents for not only Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and other POSIX operating systems, but also Windows. Our keen-eyed team uses this data about storage, memory, and CPU resource consumption to spot and prevent problems before they put your business at risk of downtime.

Read more on our Linux IT Support page.

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