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Trusted by SMEs throughout London and across the UK


Our project & IT consultancy services are intended for those clients who require some strategic, technical or operational expertise in order to help them best leverage their investment in, or utilisation of, their IT.

It could be that your network has grown substantially over the years and it needs consolidating or simply mapping properly. It could be that you are planning a new CRM, ERP or BI solution and want some expert advice. Perhaps you’re in need of a strategic IT roadmap to help meet your commercial or operational objectives over the next few years, or maybe you’re planning a move to the cloud but aren’t sure how best to go about it. You might even be fairly confident that you are doing the right things, but want an independent opinion to ensure you are getting the best value from your IT investment.

IT consultant with a client


Our IT consultants work closely with our customers, getting to know their business, providing expert, impartial advice and designing robust, cost-effective IT solutions around their needs. From simple upgrades to major network installations, from telephony to network security, our IT consultancy and project management team can be relied upon to deliver your IT project on time and on budget.

As well as creating a future-proof IT strategy and offering advice, our consultancy services will ensure effective management, implementation, deployment, and administration of your IT systems.


It’s hard to overestimate the importance of IT systems to a business’ smooth operation in the future, so we put together a five-year plan, building a consistent vision to ensure a minimum of upheaval as your systems mature.

That’s why we work hard to understand your business, your ambitions, and your objectives. It helps us create your unique plan and develop a clear technical roadmap for any project. You can rely on us to be:

  • Proactive, ensuring that we anticipate and minimise risk
  • Responsive, minimising impact, and saving money
  • Impartial and objective: we develop a plan to suit your needs, not ours
  • Adaptive, helping your business grow
  • Cost-effective, on time, and on budget

help4IT is focused on providing first-class consultancy services, from project management to application and technical consultancy. We have a skilled and dedicated team with a proven track record of delivering complex IT projects at very competitive prices.Whether you’re planning for a new deployment or upgrading your existing infrastructure, our IT consultants are available to:

  • Review your current systems and prepare a gap analysis to address areas in which current performance falls short of your objectives.
  • Prepare and agree project plans, and assist with the deployment of systems, including standardising methods to control, measure, and monitor project progress.
  • Engage with software authors and partners to confirm how their requirements can be met, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page by coordinating meetings and demonstrations to provide proof of concept.
  • Act on behalf of the organisation to deliver a successful project at a very competitive price.
Number 1

On-Site Support

The available options for a network refresh can be daunting. Should you upgrade your servers or move to the cloud? Do you replace all desktops or implement a BYOD policy? What’s the most efficient licensing model? Relax – at help4IT we have a project team with decades of experience between them, and consultants who are able to advise you on the most appropriate, future-proof and cost-effective solution for your company.

Number 2

Cloud Migrations

Of course, you’ve heard of the cloud – who hasn’t? But knowing what it is and understanding how to best use it are two very different things. Whilst every company can, in theory, leverage cloud technology, there are often certain factors to take into account that many less experienced providers simply would not think to consider. At help4IT we can provide industry-leading guidance on the how, why & when of migrating to the cloud – we’ve helped countless clients make the move and we’d be happy to put you in touch with some of them.

Number 3

Office Relocation Services

At help4IT we provide specialist IT relocation services to help take the hassle out of moving to new premises. We’re experts at making office moves easy, taking full responsibility for auditing, planning and moving your IT systems to your new office. No downtime, no fuss.

All you need to do is turn up and start work. It’s one less thing to worry about, leaving you free to focus on the real challenge of finding out where Mark’s signed Top Gear calendar disappeared to, and whether it’s covered under your relocation insurance.

Number 4

Network Security Audits

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the threats. As businesses become more reliant on technology, so do criminals become more determined to breach vulnerable networks. The cost of a security breach can be catastrophic. Lost data, compromised client accounts, network unavailability – any of these can lead to huge brand damage, loss of commercial credibility, contractual breaches, fines and litigation.

Now that we’ve scared the living daylights out of you, here’s the good news: help4IT has a team of security specialists who will stress-test your network to identify and rectify any vulnerabilities. Oh dear, you’ve fainted. We should have started with the good news, shouldn’t we?

Number 5

IT Roadmap & Strategy Consulting

Commercial & operational strategies are key pillars of successful planning, but if they are not correctly aligned with your technology choices then you are unnecessarily increasing the risk of failure. Effective and useful IT systems are not just about implementing servers and applications which work reliably, but also ensuring that they are the best fit for the business. Our consultancy team aren’t just IT experts, they have extensive experience in balancing budgets and maintaining operational efficiency in the real world of SME business, and this experience informs our strategic guidance at each and every stage of the process.

Number 6

Linux Project Services

At help4IT we have successfully managed countless Linux projects on behalf of our clients, from fairly routine LAMP systems for web hosting to high availability RHEL clusters for Oracle database applications. Maybe you have an imminent Asterisk VoIP project that requires an expert technical lead or a UNIX project that you’d like us to scope, design & deploy – whatever the project, large or small, we have all the Linux skills & resources you need. This section of our website could have been a really long list of every possible Linux project imaginable, but to save your reading time, just assume that whatever your Linux project requirements are, they are definitely on our list. Even if you only need just a little bit of technical advice or guidance, give our IT consultancy services team a call – we’re happy to help.

Number 7

Systems Integration

Today’s businesses rely on an ever-increasing range of technology tools in order to operate effectively. From SQL databases to VoIP solutions and from CRM solutions to document management tools – your organisation needs these disparate technologies to fit together seamlessly in order for you to ensure your entire IT infrastructure provides the full functionality you need.

The help4IT SI engineers have years of experience in delivering structured, expert systems integration alongside our project managers who ensure the process is smooth, efficient and fully documented throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of IT consultancy services?

IT consultancy services are provided with the intention of assisting clients in their use of information technology (IT) products to optimally achieve their business goals.

Do you provide IT consultancy services to businesses outside of London?

Yes. We consult with and manage the IT processes for businesses throughout London, across the UK and even internationally. Whilst much of what we do is delivered remotely, we can provide onsite support too when required.

What makes a good IT consultant?

Strong interpersonal and communication skills, a logical approach to problem-solving, an ability to explain complex technical issues in an accessible manner to non-technical clients, and confidence in suggesting solutions are among the traits we believe our team at help4IT possess.

What sort of companies do you provide IT consultancy services to?

Law firms, financial services organisations, retail operations, charities and NGOs are among the very varied range of clients that we work with on a consultancy and partnership basis.

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