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At help4IT, we are frequently approached by small business owners who are either in the process of opening their first office or workspace, or they are moving to a new and larger location where their IT requirements will be markedly different. In both scenarios, we have many years of experience in assisting our small business clients with their IT network and infrastructure set-up or with their migration to a new environment requiring significant changes to their infrastructure.

The configuration of your IT network and the efficiency of your infrastructures, such as your hardware, software, and networking components, are essential foundation stones for both the success of your IT-related projects and for your business overall. Companies with a poorly configured network, and incompatible components within their IT infrastructure, are likely to be beset with productivity and staff dissatisfaction issues that will prevent the business from growing. The help4IT team helps small business clients to avoid these sorts of detrimental issues by ensuring that your IT systems are configured on day one with your long-term business goals in mind throughout the planning and configuration process.

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Our IT network & infrastructure set-up service for small business customers covers the critical areas for achieving a legally compliant and highly efficient IT system. Key areas where we assist with the IT set-up for small businesses include the following.

Number 1

Hardware & Software Selection

We can help you to choose hardware & software that will meet your team’s needs and provide the best value for money.

Number 2

Physical Implementation

We can manage the entire process of configuring your network and infrastructure, including the physical implantation of hardware & cabling.

Number 3

Cloud Infrastructure

We can help you to save money and increase efficiency by moving your operations from on-premises to the cloud.

Number 4

Security & Monitoring

We can ensure your network and devices are bulletproof in terms of security from day one of your new workspace opening.

Hardware & Software Selection

If you are running a company that requires specialist software or the capability to retain and access large datasets, it’s imperative that you have the correct hardware and network capacity to be able to execute the day-to-day functions that will enable your team to deliver.

At help4IT, we help our small business clients to:

  • Choose hardware that will last and meet their business objectives
  • Choose peripheral technology that will enhance your infrastructure
  • Choose software that will enhance productivity and integrate with your network
  • Assess your existing hardware and software and make appropriate recommendations
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Physical Implementation

Setting up your first office or workspace, or moving to a new one, can be a stressful experience with a lot of things to consider. Having a well-functioning IT system in place is usually the top priority for most of our clients, both large and small, as fast access to the internet and cloud is essential to operations.

We have helped many small businesses to:

  • Configure their network and infrastructure on-site using skilled engineers
  • Migrate to new systems when moving office and retire legacy hardware/software
  • Ensure your IT infrastructure is configured with speed, ease of access and long-term business goals in mind
  • Fully test custom software deployments to ensure they are compatible with your network set-up
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Cloud Infrastructure

We have assisted many clients, over the years, who have been held back by an IT system that is entirely on-premises and poorly configured to scale as the business grows. By helping our clients to move over to cloud infrastructure, we have enabled them to unleash far more of their potential whilst improving compliance, security, and data storage capabilities.

By moving to our cloud infrastructure, our clients have:

  • Significantly reduced the risk posed by cybercrime
  • Made it far easier to comply with security-related regulations such as the GDPR
  • Benefited from being able to scale up quickly in terms of data and processing power
  • Reduced the risk of data loss and enhanced their disaster recovery procedures
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Security & Monitoring

Any business that holds sensitive information relating to its clients such as their home address and contact details, financial information, or other private data, must take its IT security obligations seriously. Failure to safeguard client data can not only be damaging financially, from fines imposed by regulators, but it can also destroy the reputation of the company.

At help4IT, we assist our clients with:   

  • Setting up their network and infrastructure so that it is security compliant from day one
  • Advice on securing all aspects of their network including remote devices such as phones and laptops
  • Minimising the risk posed by legacy hardware and software
  • Monitoring their network and devices for security-related issues
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The help4IT Advantage

Setting up a new office or workspace can be a stressful experience but, with the right team on board, it can also be a breeze. At help4IT, we help small business clients with their IT network set-up on a regular basis. We keep up with changes in the market and our engineers are some of the best qualified available. Contact us today to find out how we can assist with the IT set-up for your small business.

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