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Small Business IT Audits & Roadmaps

Audits & roadmaps that will enable your small business to flourish


At help4IT, we are frequently approached by small businesses that are in the process of expansion but are struggling to keep on top of their IT needs and are unsure how to forecast and plan for their future technology requirements. Since 2005, we have been assisting these kinds of businesses with insightful IT audits and roadmaps, helping to ensure that IT & technology needs are closely matched to the longer-term objectives of the business.

If you are a small business owner or manager and you are currently experiencing IT issues that are impacting you and your team’s ability to deliver successful work and projects, our specialist London-based IT consultants can help you to assess your existing infrastructure, outline a clear plan for future success and meet your key business goals.

IT roadmap for small business


Our small business IT audits and roadmaps have helped businesses in a diverse range of sectors to reduce downtime, reduce their expenses and improve productivity. Key areas of the audit process include the following.

Number 1

Network Set-up & Maintenance

Our team can assess your current infrastructure, network set-up and maintenance requirements then outline a plan for improvements.

Number 2

Productivity Enhancements

We can assess the software and hardware issues that are holding your team back and help you move over to new technologies.

Number 3

Security & Monitoring

We can assess your security framework and outline a plan to reduce risk, protect your data, and enable you to collaborate safely.

Number 4

Clear Strategy & Roadmap

When our initial assessment is complete, we will outline a clear strategy and build the roadmap for your future technology success.

What is an IT audit?

An IT audit is a detailed investigation of your existing technology set-up, including your network configuration, IT systems, devices, applications, software, data storage and security procedures. Small businesses that are in their growth phase, regularly purchasing new equipment for new staff members, and regularly encountering productivity failures due to technology issues, are the types of organisations that are most likely to benefit from hiring a third party to conduct an audit. At help4IT, our audits assess areas such as:

  • Your security and firewall configuration
  • Data retention and backups
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Hardware inventory and management
  • IT performance and storage capacity
  • Licensing and software
  • Incident response and fix times
IT consulting

What is the purpose of an IT audit?

An IT audit helps you to get a clear picture of the technology-related issues that are currently causing you problems, potential risks and threats to the functioning and reputation of your business, and an outline of suggested solutions that are aligned to your overall business goals. Typical areas for improvements that result from a help4IT audit include:

  • Upgrades to your network configuration
  • Migrations to new operating systems, apps, and productivity software
  • Strengthening your IT security framework
  • Identifying the hardware and equipment that will help your team to succeed
  • Helping you to pass cyber security regulations
  • Ensuring access to sensitive data is restricted by seniority within the business
  • Outlining areas for efficiencies in terms of cost and accessibility
IT network

What is an IT roadmap?

An IT roadmap is a strategic tool that outlines both short and long-term technology plans for your business. It follows on from the initial IT audit and is a strategic extension of that exercise. With a clear IT roadmap in place, you will be able to scale up your operations more cost-effectively and efficiently, helping you to meet your business goals. The benefits of an IT roadmap include being able to:  

  • Visualise the technology path forward
  • Identify the issues that could stunt your business growth way ahead of time
  • Manage and retire devices more efficiently and effectively
  • Identify and meet technology-related requirements for specialist projects
  • Ensure policies, procedures and onboarding for new staff is consistent and easy for the end user to grasp
  • Meet your short and long-term business goals
IT roadmap for small business

What types of IT roadmaps do you deliver?

At help4IT, our team will put in place a bespoke roadmap to suit the specific objectives of your business. If you are planning on launching new products or services in the future, we can create a service roadmap that will enable you to quickly upscale your operations at the most cost-effective price point. If you believe you are likely to need a lot more hardware in the future, we can create an infrastructure roadmap to help you manage and maintain your systems and devices. If you have clear financial and business targets, we can create a strategic roadmap aligned to them.

Cloud storage

The help4IT Advantage

If you are the owner or manager of a growing small business and you require assistance with assessing your existing IT network, systems, and devices, help4IT’s experienced IT consultants can help you to audit your set-up and define a technology strategy in line with your objectives. Get in touch with our London-based small business IT consultants today for an informal chat about how we can assist you.

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