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Helping hospitality businesses implement efficient IT systems

At help4IT, we understand the unique challenges that hospitality businesses such as hotels, bars, and restaurants face in terms of managing their IT networks. Point-of-Sale (PoS) devices, Property Management Systems (PMS), CCTV, and any specialist hospitality software that you use, must integrate securely with your wider IT network whilst enabling staff to carry out their duties quickly and efficiently. Any downtime with your devices and systems can be extremely costly for your business.

The team at help4IT has many years of experience in assisting a wide variety of businesses with their network infrastructure set-up and maintenance. Whether you are a start-up hospitality firm or a more established chain of hotels, bars, or restaurants, our experts can help you either get your systems set up or troubleshoot and resolve problems with your existing technology configuration.

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High-quality IT support for hotels, catering companies, restaurants, and bars

Our team can offer you the strategic, technical, and operational expertise that will help your hospitality business thrive. Our services include:

  • Auditing and IT roadmaps – we can assess the network infrastructure of your business across one or more locations. So, if you are the manager of multiple bars, restaurants, or hotels, we can assess the issues that you currently face across the entire business, and then set out technology solutions to address them.
  • Guidance on the implementation of new systems and software – if you are looking to upgrade your PoS devices, move to a new PMS, or adopt a new software solution designed specifically for the hospitality sector, we can help you to implement and manage the changes without disrupting your operations.
  • On-site support – if you are in the process of opening a new hotel, restaurant, or another type of public-facing hospitality environment, we can assist you with on-site IT support. With our Global Partner network, we can achieve this across multiple sites, in different countries.
  • Remote monitoring and administration – we can implement real-time monitoring of your systems and ensure that you are alerted to any irregularities, so you can act on them quickly. You can contact us 24/7 for emergency assistance.
  • Information security risk assessments – our team can also help you to identify, assess, and implement key security controls in applications whilst also identifying and preventing application security defects and vulnerabilities.

GDPR-compliant cyber security for the hospitality sector

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We understand the security challenges faced by hospitality businesses, particularly those needing to integrate PoS and PMS technology with wider operational technology.

We have assisted hospitality firms in the following areas:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – ensuring all staff, both front of house and back office, are required to use this.
  • Exchange Online Protection + SPF/DKIM – helping you to block malicious incoming emails and making sure your emails don’t get blocked as spam going out.
  • PoS System Security – helping you to integrate your wider network with your PoS system securely, and configuring end-to-end encryption on your PoS devices.
  • PMS Security – reviewing and improving the security configuration of your hotel’s property management system, including scanning for vulnerabilities and assisting with user access control configuration. We can also assist you with moving to a new PMS and ensuring it integrates securely with your wider network.
  • Sharepoint Security – we can help you to get the best out of this collaborative platform. From a security perspective, we can help you to set the controls regarding file sharing whilst structuring permissions and data access in a manner most suited to your business.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – we can help you to define and apply DLP policies in Microsoft 365 to further protect sensitive data and reduce risk.
  • Cyber Essentials – outside of Microsoft 365 we can support you with the provision of internal training to both your front-of-house hospitality staff and your back-office employees.

An IT support firm that understands the challenges of the hospitality sector

Since our foundation in 2005, we have assisted a broad range of start-ups, SMEs, and larger organisations with cutting-edge and efficient IT support solutions, helping them to achieve their key business goals. We understand the specific challenges that restaurants, hotels, and bars face in a fiercely competitive marketplace. For further information on our work in the hospitality sector, please get in touch today.

Working with help4IT

Hospitality businesses love our IT support packages, as we provide:

  • A friendly and fast response to your requirements – we work fast to resolve any issues encountered by either your front-of-house or back-office staff.
  • Clear communication – partnership is key to the way we work, and every member of our team understands that we act as an extension of your organisation.
  • An IT partner that seems like a part of your in-house team – hospitality is a fast-paced sector requiring intelligent problem-solving when anything goes wrong. We will work closely with you to understand what your risks and challenges are, and how we can help you to manage and resolve them.
  • A high standard of customer service – our commitment to unrivalled support means that we’ll always go out of our way to ensure that we are providing the best possible level of service to you.
  • To deal with people who have high levels of expertise – our multi-skilled team can help with many different operating systems as well as bespoke hospitality technologies. We can also troubleshoot and resolve issues with any industry-specific solutions you might have in place.

The help4IT advantage

Whether you’re just starting out in the hospitality trade, or you’re an established bar, hotel, or restaurant chain, help4IT can deliver experienced, highly efficient, independent IT support to meet your goals. Contact us today to find out more.

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