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IT Support for Charities

Bespoke Support for Charities, NGOs, and Non-Profits

Helping charities to operate efficiently and safely

At help4IT we are proud of our strong track record in helping charities, NGOs, and other non-profit organisations to run more smoothly, efficiently, and safely. We understand that charity organisations have different priorities to profit-focused businesses but still require high-quality and responsive IT support for your office-based team and volunteers.

Having provided charity IT support since our inception in 2005, we understand the pressures and strains that are specific to organisations in this sector. Our engineers are some of the best qualified you’ll find, with extensive experience in helping charities and non-profit enterprises to migrate to platforms that offer best in class security provision and compliance with data protection laws.

Charity IT support

Strategic charity IT support

Our team can offer you the strategic, technical, and operational expertise that will help your non-profit organisation to see the “bigger picture” and help you to meet your service and funding objectives. Typical charity IT support services that we offer include:

  • Auditing and IT roadmaps – we can assess your current infrastructure then create a coherent IT strategy that will help your team and your volunteers to work and collaborate more effectively and safely.
  • Systems and software guidance and implementation – we can provide impartial advice on selecting and implementing specialist software for the charity sector to support your fundraising and management objectives. We can provide training to your staff and volunteers to help them get the best out of the technology.
  • On-site support – we can assist you with the physical implementation of IT infrastructure changes within your charity or NGO. We’re aware that many charitable organisations have operations across the country, or even internationally, so our roadmaps are designed to ensure that changes to your systems are synchronised across the locations in which you operate.
  • Global support – we are experienced in dealing with large charities and NGOs that have operations in multiple countries. With our extensive global partner network, we can even help you to get on-site support for your departments in different overseas territories.
  • Remote monitoring and administration – we provide real-time continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure 24/7, enabling us to alert you to any irregularities and fix any issues quickly. We understand that many charities store sensitive information about their donors and partners that must be protected to an exceptionally high level. Our monitoring service will help you to ensure that sensitive data about your organisation, or those involved in it, is protected to the highest standard. In addition, a dedicated IT manager for your account will also maintain an overview of your IT infrastructure and ensure that you’re equipped with the hardware and software required to meet the objectives of your charity or NGO.
  • Information security risk assessments – our team can help you to identify, assess, and implement key security controls in applications whilst also identifying and preventing application security defects and vulnerabilities.

Robust security and compliance for peace of mind

People holding hands, representing charity

Whilst there is a perception that the majority of cyber attacks are directed at financial organisations or for-profit companies dealing in highly sensitive data; research shows that a quarter of charities experience attempts to breach their systems each year.

If security improvements are high on your agenda, we can help you to migrate to a platform that offers best in class security provision. We recommend Microsoft 365, which gives you the tools you need to manage a full fleet of devices, protect desktops and servers, locate and wipe lost phones or laptops, and remotely monitor and remediate threats on vulnerable and compromised systems.

With Microsoft Security in place, we can then implement a range of procedures to ensure that your charity or NGO meets all the compliance regulations for your sector. This includes:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – ensuring that this is enforced for all users.
  • Exchange Online Protection + SPF/DKIM – helping you to block malicious incoming emails and makes sure your emails don’t get blocked as spam going out.
  • InTune – assisting you with device management and control, an essential security component for staff or volunteers who are working remotely.
  • Sharepoint Security – we can help you to get the best out of this collaborative platform. From a security perspective we can help you to set the controls regarding file sharing whilst structuring permissions and data access in a manner most suited to your organisation.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – we can help you to define and apply DLP policies in Microsoft 365 to further protect sensitive data and reduce risk.
  • Cyber Essentials – outside of Microsoft 365 we can support you with the provision of internal training to management, staff, and volunteers.

Extensive experience in the charity sector

Since our foundation in 2005, we have provided IT support for charities, non-profit organisations, and NGOs of all sizes. Our successful work in this sector includes projects and ongoing IT support for organisations such as:

  • Age UK – we helped this long-established charity to consolidate data across the organisation, standardise the applications they use, and retire their on-premise server.
  • Meals on Wheels – after understanding the end-to-end process of the operation for this well-known charity, we implemented a geo-spatial mapping solution; using postcodes that plot the routes automatically, via a one-click process.
  • Groundswell – this pioneering homeless charity switched to help4IT following issues with their Linux-based server.

Working with help4IT

Organisations in the charity sector who work with us on either an ad-hoc or ongoing basis have become accustomed to:

  • A friendly and fast response to your requirements – you can expect to speak with an experienced IT support engineer when any issues arise; helping you to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.
  • Clear communication – partnership is key to the way we work, and every member of our team understands that we act as an extension of your organisation.
  • An IT partner that seems like a part of your in-house team – our entire focus is on helping your charity to meet your fundraising and organisational objectives. We always avoid jargon when communicating with you on issues that need to be fixed.
  • A high standard of customer service – our commitment to unrivalled support means that we’ll always go out of our way to ensure that we are providing the best possible level of service to you.
  • To deal with people who have high levels of expertise – our multi-skilled team can help with Linux issues as well as Microsoft products. We can also troubleshoot and resolve issues with any software that you have implemented that is specific to your sector.

The help4IT advantage

Whether you’re a small charity requiring ad-hoc assistance with IT issues or a larger organisation seeking to review your IT strategy and roadmap; help4IT have the experience and skills to improve your efficiency and security whilst helping you to meet your fundraising and organisational objectives. Get in touch with us today for an informal chat about how we can assist you with any of your IT related projects. 

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