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Microsoft 365 has the power and adaptability you’ll need to fully or partially transfer your software licensing and on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, whether you’re an SME or a global enterprise.

It’s an ideal choice for businesses of any scale, whether you need to make sure everyone’s running Windows 11 and the latest version of Office, replace an aging mail server with Microsoft Exchange Online, or consolidate expensive and disparate online services into a single, easy-to-manage subscription.

It’s up to you how much you move. Your Microsoft 365 subscription not only equips you with the latest Microsoft operating system and productivity tools, but also provides vital cloud-based backend infrastructure.

Starting at £6 per user, per month, Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscriptions are available to meet the needs of everyone from frontline workers accessing their Office apps via the web and mobile devices, to clerical staff working across multiple desktop and laptop computers, to the enhanced security, compliance and analytics requirements of businesses in sensitive industries.

Microsoft 365 under a magnifying glass

Microsoft 365 includes Windows 11 for Enterprise, Microsoft Office, email via a dedicated Microsoft Exchange Online platform, identity management and Azure Active Directory for user and group management, Sharepoint for knowledge management and internal collaboration, Microsoft Teams for chat, voice and video communications, and more.

Threat protection, information protection, device management, and best-in-class security come built-in, both online and on the desktop.

Retire the server rack

Replacing, upgrading and future-proofing office IT infrastructure not only requires a significant chunk of capital expenditure, but also accurate forecasting of future business needs: a challenging task when balancing the requirements of frontline, in-office, travelling and regular remote workers.

From software licencing to your email server, file sharing, version-controlled collaboration, knowledge management, phone systems, and unified communications, Microsoft 365 has the software, services, and guaranteed uptime to make a seamless transition to the cloud.

Reduction of risk with a consolidated cloud

As workplaces increasingly rely on online communication, businesses and even individual staff members accumulate free and paid-for subscriptions. These can include video conferencing services, online document storage and collaboration tools, office chat systems, knowledge management systems, and more.

While each individual service has benefits, costs soon mount up on a company-wide level, and administrators are left with an array of different logins, portals, connectors and dashboards to manage.

More critically, when staff use personal accounts to collaborate on work documents, store passwords, or share recordings of videoconferences, business security is put at risk. Lost devices, lack of admin access, password reuse, expiring free archives, or a staff member closing a personal account can have a major impact.

Consolidating your Software-as-a-Service needs with Microsoft 365 allows you to strongly mitigate risk and make administration more efficient. Users login through a single account, shared work is under the control of the company, and administrators have the ability to support, secure and monitor.

The help4IT advantage

Whether you’re switching from hardware to the cloud or consolidating multiple online services into a single Microsoft 365 solution, help4IT’s expert project managers and security specialists are on hand to audit your existing systems, assess your requirements, and prepare staff for a frictionless transition to Microsoft 365. We’re based in London but assist clients across the UK, and even globally, with migrations to Microsoft 365.

If you’re currently storing files with another cloud provider, or in a different Microsoft 365 tenant account, we’ll deploy the Mover migration tool. Files stored on individual users’ computers can be smoothly synced via the OneDrive app, linked to each user’s new OneDrive or SharePoint account.

Meanwhile, the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) allows us to scan, migrate and monitor the transfer of on-premises SharePoint sites dating back as far as SharePoint Server 2010. And for companies with data stores measuring in the terabytes or premises with restricted bandwidth, we’ll arrange an Azure Data Box to ship your files to your new cloud on a physical device.

If you’re already using Exchange Server, mailbox migration tools are available to carry out a full cutover migration for limited numbers of users, shifting the entire business to the new mail server at once. For larger enterprises, a range of staged migration options is available, with help4IT on hand to manage the transition for each workgroup. We can also migrate inboxes and folders from other mail servers, whether that’s a local IMAP server or an online email provider.

We’ll configure policies, security and groups to provide you and your staff with the access, security and tools they need. As a Microsoft Partner, help4IT can take on day-to-day administration and monitoring, or work side-by-side with your in-house IT department to provide specialist support as needed.

From assessment and project management, through deployment, to expect support, we’re here to make your Microsoft 365 migration a success.

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