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Give your staff the power to intuitively create beautiful intranet sites, knowledge management solutions, project management tools and documentation libraries with SharePoint in Microsoft 365.

Draw together Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, collaborative OneNote notebooks, calendars, task lists, Microsoft Sway newsletters, videos, newsfeeds and more. At help4IT, our London based SharePoint consultants can help you to get the most out of this web-based collaborative platform.

Microsoft Sharepoint

What is SharePoint and what does it do?

SharePoint allows every team across your business to assemble its shared knowledge in a beautiful, clear, and always up-to-date format. More than just an intranet, SharePoint can host a myriad sites. Close-knit teams can share and co-author content, while company news pages keep the entire organisation informed of vital decisions, all built on the same infrastructure.

Central hub sites allow multiple SharePoint sites to be associated, indexed and searched across, whether you want to build one hub for all corporate activity, or divide by department, location, or specialism.

A range of third-party apps allow you and your staff to instantly deploy and access ready-rolled tools, sites and connectors to third-party services such as Adobe CC. These range from QR code generators and URL shorteners to fully-fledged helpdesk ticketing systems, Kanban boards for project and task management, and staff time sheets.

Why use SharePoint in Microsoft 365?

Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and, the latest version of SharePoint provides a wide range of different approaches to collaborative information sharing, intranet site development, consistent corporate branding, navigation, site architecture, sharing and permissions inheritance.

SharePoint in Microsoft 365 sites are secure by design. External sharing and security is handled by Microsoft 365’s secure collaboration infrastructure, allowing you to add guests to individual documents, folders, sites, and teams. All of this can be controlled through granular external sharing settings, allowing you to keep confidential sites configured for internal access only, while ensuring that external contractors and consultants have the access they need to their team’s SharePoint sites.

SharePoint starts at £3.80 per user, per month, for either a dedicated SharePoint small business subscription with 1TB of OneDrive storage and Microsoft Lists information management to support it, or for the Microsoft 365 Business Basic tier. And you’ll find it included in every Microsoft 365 Business tier above that, too.

Easy to work with, powerful to extend

For your users, SharePoint provides a simple, web-based WYSIWYG site builder. Choose whether you want to create a Team site to help you share, discuss and collaborate on work with other members of your Office 365 group, or a Communication site, designed to present content to your organisation as a whole.

Themes allow you immediately apply a complimentary, flattering colour scheme, and headers of various sizes can be customised with logos and images in a couple of clicks. The same applies to navigation bars, providing a consistent browsing experience for your colleagues.

Sites can be built around document libraries of images, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and more, putting all the information you need to include at the tips of your fingers.

SharePoint allows your team to create interactive forms and quizzes, task lists and workflows, and select web parts such as maps, code snippets, calendars, image galleries, and video. Connectors pull in data and messages from external tools and services such as Jira and GitHub.

Why migrate to SharePoint in Microsoft 365?

The intranet has never been more important than it is now that hybrid working and flexible access for contractors plays a significant role in business IT infrastructure. And with the addition of Microsoft 365, SharePoint gains collaborative cross-application support through Microsoft Groups.

Effective knowledge management and universal access to documentation are major business advantages, and SharePoint’s solutions are particularly flexible. More than that, they’re built on two decades of experience and Microsoft’s unparalleled customer support.

Shared intranet sites provide professional presentation, interaction and flexibility that a simple file server could never achieve, and SharePoint’s features make simple work of everything from internal corporate communications to support tools for team-based project management.

SharePoint sites are easy to maintain and even easier to control, ensuring that the access privileges and knowledge required to keep your intranet running can be conveniently shared and redistributed.

The help4IT advantage

SharePoint sites can be as simple as a company newsfeed or documentation archive, or as sophisticated as a fully-fledged front end for an internal or third-party web app built on Microsoft PowerApps.

help4IT can help you assess the security requirements and risks associated with different groups within your business and configure their SharePoint access and sharing permissions accordingly.

From location-based policies providing access to relevant information about a building or campus, to Microsoft 365 Groups integration and third- and first-party app roll-outs, we’ll take care of the fine-grained details so your company can build sites and share information effortlessly on the SharePoint 365 platform. Speak to our SharePoint consultants today for further guidance and assistance.

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