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Fast & Efficient PAYG Support

help4IT are the UK’s leading provider of pay-as-you-go IT support services. We provide on-site and remote support to businesses for the following products and services:

  • Microsoft 365 – including migrations and general support.
  • Secure remote working and video conferencing, including Microsoft Teams.
  • IT Security including ransomware, malware and anti-virus software.
  • Secure cloud based storage
  • Linux maintenance and infrastructure solutions (different rates apply).


PAYG IT support staff using a laptop

Expert IT support without a long term contract

Our Pay As You Go IT support is chargeable by the minute and provides 24/7 access to our team of expert technicians, without the cost or commitment of a fixed term or rolling service contract. We work with hundreds of businesses across the UK, supporting thousands of staff, many of whom are still working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our secure remote assistance ensures we can offer covid-secure solutions to your business, wherever your staff are operating from.

Technical support options panel

Pay As You Go Microsoft 365 Support

help4IT are an official Microsoft partner, which means you can have total confidence that our helpdesk team has a complete understanding of the Microsoft 365 product suite. Our technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of Microsoft 365 and will quickly diagnose and solve your issue.

Struggling to synchronise excel and word documents across your devices?

Baffled by how to install and host a Microsoft Teams conference call?

Confused as to what secure cloud storage actually means for your business?

These are just some of the common problems we encounter every day.

You can be confident that however small your problem may seem, if it’s preventing your business from operating effectively then our helpdesk treats you as our top priority. With help4IT’s PAYG pricing structure, we can resolve most Microsoft problems quickly and cost-effectively and get your business operating again.

We offer PAYG pricing for one-time trouble shooting or for ongoing support with your Microsoft 365 product suite. Whichever your requirement we only charge you for the time we spend on resolving your problem and we price our time by the minute. When the clock stops, so does our meter!

Pay As You Go IT Support Costs


Ardent Legal Recruitment are private practice experts. Ardent faced challenges in managing their IT systems effectively due to the budget constraints of being a small team, despite their low head count, the services of a fully-fledged IT department were required, without long-term contracts and a high monthly retainer. A strong emphasis on data security was required due to the sensitivity of personal data being held and managed.

Find out now help4IT’s responsive Pay As You Go assistance helps Ardent overcome IT challenges promptly, minimising disruptions to their operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pay As You Go IT Support?

Pay As You Go IT Support is a flexible service model where businesses only pay for IT assistance as needed, rather than committing to a fixed monthly or annual contract. This approach allows for cost-effective access to professional IT support on an ad-hoc basis, making it ideal for small businesses or those with variable IT needs. Services can range from troubleshooting and technical support to software updates and security checks, providing a customisable solution that scales with the user’s requirements.

What types of businesses are well suited to PAYG IT support?

SMEs with fluctuating IT needs, startups looking to minimise upfront costs, and companies with limited or occasional technical support requirements may be well suited to a PAYG support arrangement. Additionally, organisations that prefer to allocate budget towards specific IT issues as they arise, rather than a solution that aims to prevent them from occurring.

Do you provide support outside London?

Yes. We assist businesses from across the UK and overseas too.

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5 - 11 Lavington Street, London, SE1 0NZ


Freephone: 0800 043 4448
From Abroad: +44 207 653 9780

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