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Proactive managed IT support

For SMEs in London and across the UK


The goal of proactive support is to identify and solve potential problems before they can impact the day-to-day running of your systems. Proactive managed IT support is ideal for small and growing businesses – between five and 250 employees – that need the expertise, but not the expense, of an in-house team. Through regular communication and monitoring of both your systems and your users’ needs, we’ll keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Why proactive support?

Experience shows us that a well-designed IT infrastructure with regular proactive maintenance results in 80% fewer support calls. As experienced providers of managed IT support services, help4IT will minimise frustration, reduce system downtime and dramatically increase productivity.

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The 7 components of proactive managed IT support.

Our role lies in giving you all the resources of an enterprise-class IT department. Proactive managed IT support consists of seven essential components to ensure that your IT infrastructure is up to the requirements of your business:


Number 1

Component 1

Unlimited helpdesk support for remote problem solving and routine administration, whether you need support during business hours or 24/7. In practice, we can solve 90% of your support requests remotely. We embrace the ITIL global framework of service desk management to bring you best practice IT processes.

Number 2

Component 2

Real-time continuous monitoring for your valuable servers and critical network components.

Number 3

Component 3

Weekly remote administration of your server by a specialist technician. Regular detailed reporting.

Number 4

Component 4

An IT manager, who will maintain an overview of your IT infrastructure and ensure that you’re equipped with the hardware and software required to meet your business’s needs.

Number 5

Component 5

A senior technician, responsible for maintaining detailed information about your infrastructure and for keeping the rest of your virtual IT department informed and up-to-date.

Number 6

Component 6

Regular reporting and secure access to your support portal, giving you the information your management team needs, on demand, 24/7.

Number 7

Component 7

Weekly remote administration of your server by a specialist technician. Regular detailed reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a managed IT support contract?

Finding, recruiting, managing, and training in-house IT staff is challenging, expensive and may be unnecessary for smaller businesses. Contracting an accredited managed IT support provider to handle all your IT requirements is more cost-effective, less resource-intensive and allows you to focus on your core business with minimum downtime.

Which types of businesses do you provide managed IT support for?

We provide fully managed IT support for small to medium size businesses across the UK and internationally. We have a lot of experience in the charity and legal sectors; however, we have provided support to many other types of businesses including property, finance, retail, and manufacturing organisations.

How easy is it to switch IT support provider?

We make it as easy as possible for you to switch to us by conducting a detailed audit of your existing infrastructure and liaising with your previous supplier to ascertain all the details we need for a smooth handover.

Will a managed IT support service make our business more efficient?

Yes. We actively monitor systems and provide proactive support to help you reduce the number of support calls. We run regular checks and updates on your devices, ensuring company-wide security compliance is adhered to. We provide a dedicated IT manager who will maintain an overview of your infrastructure and provide tailored advice regarding the software and hardware that you need to meet your business goals.

What factors should I consider when choosing a managed IT support provider?

The level of experience they have supporting your operating system and hardware, industry awards and accreditation, security implementation and monitoring credentials, ability to provide onsite support when required, and the cost of the service are all factors that you should consider carefully be entering into a managed IT support contract.

What are the key benefits of a managed IT support service?

Outsourcing your IT requirements to a dedicated service provider ensures that you will be kept up to speed with the latest industry developments, advised on current security threats, have access to specialist engineers and expertise, enjoy fixed costs and peace of mind knowing that any technology related issues will be solved for you quickly and efficiently.

What managed IT support services do you provide?

At help4IT, we provide comprehensive IT support services including remote monitoring and administration, onsite assistance, server maintenance and backups, security disaster recovery, IT strategy and roadmaps, Microsoft 365 migrations, hardware and software management.

What can I use a managed IT service for?

A managed IT support service can be used to facilitate almost all your IT requirements. From onboarding a new staff member with their company devices and email access to helping you migrate to a new operating system or technology platform. If there’s an issue related to IT in your company, the chances are we can get it sorted for you!

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