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Supporting Mac business users in all types of IT environment


Our platform-agnostic approach to your hardware and software infrastructure means that we prioritise giving you the best tools for the job and making sure they work with the rest of your network environment. For businesses using Macs, we can ensure that all systems communicate seamlessly, allowing each employee to have the tools they need without having to compromise in the name of compatibility.

From Adobe Creative Cloud, to Microsoft Office, to Parallels, help4IT can provide expert support for the OS X applications that your business depends upon. As well as providing expert support for Mac OS X desktop systems, we can comfortably take on other Apple hardware, for example, support for OS X Server, or point of sale apps on a fleet of iPads.

Whether you need a regular support contract or a pay-as-you-go troubleshooting service, our London based team of dedicated Apple Mac support experts are on hand to meet your Mac business requirements.

A reliable and efficient Apple Mac Support service

What we do

·  Ensure that your Mac systems are fully integrated with the rest of your Windows or Linux network

·  Provide informed, platform-agnostic advice that’s based around your business needs rather than a Windows-centric stereotype

·  Set up all the necessary security, updates and backup tools to keep OS X systems and data safe

·  Provide specialist support staff who know and understand the needs of your business

Recent Projects

After a client’s previous IT support provider told them that “Apple doesn’t work with Windows” and left multiple Mac users running standalone systems without a network connection, they came to us. We joined the Mac clients to the Windows network, allowing users to login and access the same file shares as the rest of the staff, and enabling management to enforce access controls to ensure that all data is regularly backed up.

A client with an all-Windows office network required their users to work from home, logging in remotely to their office PCs. To support staff who used Apple hardware at home, help4IT deployed a Remote Desktop Services server that allowed them to connect from any Windows or Mac desktop, or even an iPad or Android tablet if necessary.

A client’s customer-facing office has both a very specific design aesthetic and exacting software requirements. They wanted a desktop that looked like an iMac, but ran Windows. help4IT delivered, putting an Apple Boot Camp install on a new 27” iMac. The iMac now runs Windows 8, much to the satisfaction of our client.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you provide remote monitoring of Apple Mac systems?

Yes. We provide proactive monitoring and management of your Apple Mac devices ensuring constant security, health and performance automation.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

No. You can hire us on a pay-as-you go basis to fix Mac related issues.

Can I get Apple Mac IT support out of hours?

Yes. We’ve been offering round-the-clock service desk support for over a decade. We can help you fix Mac IT issues when you need it.

Do you provide onsite support for Mac related issues?

Yes. Although most technical issues with your systems can be resolved remotely.

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