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Expert Assistance with Integrating Google Workspace & JumpCloud

What is JumpCloud?

JumpCloud is a cloud-based open directory platform designed to unify identity, access, and device management across various systems and applications. It enables organisations to simplify their IT operations through features like Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and device management. JumpCloud supports a flexible, secure infrastructure for modern IT environments, facilitating streamlined access management, enhanced security, and compliance across all devices and resources.


JumpCloud logo

How Does JumpCloud Work?

JumpCloud securely manages and connects users to their IT resources across various platforms and environments.

  • Systems – Provides support for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.
  • Servers – Manages both on-premises and cloud-based servers.
  • Applications – Facilitates access to LDAP and SAML-based applications.
  • Productivity Suites – Integrates seamlessly with G Suite and Office 365.
  • File Storage – Manages both physical and virtual storage solutions.
  • Networks – Administers wired and wireless networks using RADIUS for secure access.

How does JumpCloud Integrate with Google Workspace?

JumpCloud integrates with Google Workspace by allowing IT administrators to securely and efficiently manage user accounts and attributes. It supports both the importation of existing Google accounts into JumpCloud and the creation of new accounts, which can be provisioned directly in Google Workspace or JumpCloud. Key features include real-time synchronisation of user attributes, the management of distribution groups directly from JumpCloud, and simplified access via a unified login system. It also emphasises secure connectivity and continuous synchronisation, enhancing both user management and organisational security.

How is JumpCloud Beneficial in Terms of Cybersecurity

JumpCloud & Cybersecurity

JumpCloud enhances cybersecurity in several key ways. It allows remote installation and management of antivirus software, which simplifies protecting devices from malware. Updates and patches can also be pushed remotely, helping to mitigate vulnerabilities. JumpCloud enforces strong password policies and requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which significantly enhances security by adding an extra layer of user verification. Furthermore, it controls network access, including WiFi and VPN, through segmentation and authenticated access, reducing the attack surface and potential impact of security breaches.

Did you know? In order to achieve compliance with the UK government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme, it is necessary to implement an endpoint management platform in conjunction with Google’s products. If you are using Google Workspace without such a platform, JumpCloud will help you to achieve compliance. For further advice or assistance, contact our IT support team today

Require Assistance With Integrating Google Workspace & JumpCloud?

At help4IT, our expertise in integrating Google Workspace with JumpCloud enables businesses to streamline their IT operations effectively. We assist companies in setting up a seamless connection between these platforms, ensuring that user management is simplified and security is enhanced. Our team provides comprehensive support, from initial setup and synchronisation of user data to implementing robust access controls and authentication measures. With help4IT, companies can leverage the combined power of Google Workspace and JumpCloud to optimise their workflows and secure their digital environments.

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