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An advanced solution tailored for SMEs


Strengthen your endpoint protection with help4IT’s advanced EDR solution.

The help4IT team have partnered with SentinelOne to provide a top-notch endpoint protection platform for small to medium-sized business owners who do not want the hassle and the cost of managing a team of highly skilled security analysts in-house.

EDR focuses on detecting and responding to suspicious activities and security incidents that occur at the endpoint level, such as a user’s computer or a server. It can identify and prevent malware, ransomware, and other advanced threats that traditional antivirus software may miss.

Our EDR solution continuously monitors endpoint devices for signs of malicious activity, such as unusual network traffic, suspicious file changes, and unauthorised access attempts. Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms are a core part of the solution, helping to detect these anomalies and alert security personnel when a potential threat is detected.

Get full visibility into your endpoint environment with full-context, real-time forensics, designed to protect businesses of all sizes including small to medium-sized enterprises.


How will EDR help my business?

  • It provides advanced threat detection capabilities beyond traditional antivirus software.
  • Endpoints are the doorways to your organisation for cybercriminals and EDR helps you to reinforce them.
  • Better protection against key threat vectors such as phishing emails, compromised credentials, and inadequate or missing encryption.

Why choose advanced EDR?

Our EDR solution consolidates attack prevention, detection, response, and recovery into a single agent that protects Windows, Mac and Linux. For any business owner looking to enhance their endpoint security, this solution will cover all your device types and operating systems.

Would Your Business Survive an Attack? 

Hackers will stop at nothing to get to your valuable data, and it’s up to you to protect your business. Ignoring cybersecurity may work in the short term, but the time to be proactive is now.  

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Number 1

Endpoint Prevention (EPP)

Stops a wide range of malware, Trojans, hacking tools, and ransomware before they start.

Number 2

Advanced EDR capabilities

Adding enterprise threat hunting that fulfils the needs of security administrators, SOC analysts, and Incident Responders.

Number 3

Fast response and recovery

With response at machine speed to autonomously contain damage, getting users back up and running within minutes.

Number 4

Device and firewall control

Policy-based control of all USB device peripherals, plus policy-based control of network connectivity.

Number 5

Full remote shell functionality

Providing the capability for direct endpoint access by incident responders and forensics personnel.

Number 6

Advanced vulnerability management

With insight into 3rd
party apps that have known vulnerabilities mapped to the MITRE CVE database.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an EDR security solution?

EDR provides advanced threat protection capabilities that go beyond traditional antivirus software. EDR can detect and respond to sophisticated attacks that may evade signature-based antivirus software. Furthermore, EDR continuously monitors endpoint devices in real-time and alerts security teams when a potential threat is detected. This enables quick response and mitigation of threats, reducing the risk of data loss, and network compromise.

Does EDR help achieve regulatory compliance?

Yes. Our EDR solution helps you meet compliance obligations for your sector. Organisations in the finance sector, for example, are obliged to meet certain standards in terms of endpoint security. Our solution will help you to achieve compliance with data standards such as the GDPR, NIS Directive and PCI DSS, ensuring your endpoint security surpasses requirements.

What should you look for in an EDR solution?

Visibility across all your endpoints, strong behavioural protection, advanced insight and intelligence features, plus fast response and recovery, are essential features of an EDR solution. They are central to our offering.

How does EDR work?

EDR works by continuously monitoring endpoint devices (such as desktops, laptops, and servers) for suspicious activity and potential security incidents. EDR uses a combination of behavioural analysis, machine learning, and threat intelligence to detect and respond to potential threats.

The help4IT advantage

Consolidate your attack prevention, detection, response, and recovery posture with help4IT’s EDR solution aimed at the small to medium-sized business market. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you protect your networks from increasingly sophisticated and persistent cyber threats.

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