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Don’t let your business be next.

Many small to medium-sized business owners believe that they are unlikely to become a victim of a cyberattack. It’s a commonly held perception that data and files stored by the company are not valuable enough to be stolen. Sometimes it is believed that standard desktop and laptop security software is all that is needed to protect you from cybercrime. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, cybercriminals are becoming smarter every day, and since their methods are constantly changing, your security needs will also need to evolve. To stay safe, you need to adopt a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that protects all your staff, devices, files, and data.

The help4IT team provides managed SIEM, advanced Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), cybersecurity assessments and more, to SMEs in London and across the UK. Contact us today to find out more.

Why are SMEs increasingly targeted?

  • They often lack comprehensive protection
  • They don’t understand the magnitude of the risk
  • They underestimate the value of their data
  • They are not prepared to battle cybercriminals

Need to protect your business?

Is Your Business Prepared? Infographic


At help4IT, our sophisticated cybersecurity services protect all of your business environments, including your onsite infrastructure and your cloud. We can also help you protect home offices that connect to your central offices, your mobile devices, hardware, software and cloud-based apps like Microsoft 365 or G-Suite. 

Would Your Business Survive an Attack? 

Hackers will stop at nothing to get to your valuable data, and it’s up to you to protect your business. Ignoring cybersecurity may work in the short term, but the time to be proactive is now.

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Number 1

Talk to our experts

The help4IT team have many years of experience helping our clients improve their security posture.

Number 2

Identify weaknesses

Our risk assessment audits cover all of the essentials and will help you meet regulatory compliance.

Number 3

Develop a strategy

We go far beyond just the basics to ensure that your security posture is robust for all types of scenarios.

Number 4

Invest in security

Get peace of mind knowing that your proactive cybersecurity service is keeping your business safe.

Number 5

Protect your brand

Cyber attacks can be crippling both financially and in terms of damage to your reputation.


Our team have put together these handy infographics, outlining all the key cybersecurity issues that firms need to be aware of and how best business owners can protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Download and share them with your colleagues today.

The help4IT advantage

The help4IT team has many years of experience assisting businesses in London and across the UK with improvements to their security posture. Find out more about our advanced cybersecurity services today. Get in touch with us for advice on securing your systems and booking a risk assessment.

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