What is an IT strategy?

Usually an IT strategy is laid out in a strategic plan relating to the use of technologies in your organisation. It should be aligned with the overall strategy of your business. There are a number of different components and stages to an IT strategy, each of which is crucial to developing a successful plan for the year ahead.

A comprehensive plan will contain an audit and a set of simple, achievable objectives. Once the objectives are clearly set out and agreed it’s time to develop the strategy itself, so what is an IT strategy? Put simply, it is a vehicle for delivering business objectives. A strategy should not include detail but instead it should set out a general direction that can be fleshed out with tactics.

So, let’s imagine that our business objective for the year is to grow penetration in your target market by 15%. What would be a suitable strategy for doing this? You could address several areas here. For example, moving certain aspects of your IT to the cloud to increase productivity, offer a flexible approach to working and providing services to your customers, offering additional services the cost of which are reduced due to the benefits of cloud IT. These are high-level strategies.

Strategy is not about detail. IT strategy is where we decide what we want to do, not how we do it. Selecting the right strategic plan for your IT operations is crucial for a successful business. Without the right plan to guide you, your activities can lack focus and your efforts can be wasted. At a certain point in your IT strategy you will need to take stock and possibly consult industry experts, who will have the resources and the experience to make a more detailed assessment of your current infrastructure.

There are numerous potential IT solutions available to small and medium business, but they tend to vary greatly according the individual situation. That is where we can help. We’re impartial and objective. We work closely with your in-house IT team as well as independently, taking the time to get to know your business, providing expert advice and designing robust, cost-effective IT solutions to meet your needs.

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