What could VoIP do to benefit your small business?

VoIP business phone systems use the internet, as opposed to a traditional phone network, to enable communication. It is a cost effective and reliable way to get access to all of the regular phone features, from call waiting to voicemail and remote operation. Plus there are multiple other features that VoIP makes available that could provide additional support and benefit to your small business.

Sophisticated conferencing facilities

The fact that you can use VoIP for conferencing is not a secret. However, using this facility with VoIP, as opposed to another type of conferencing service, provides a number of key attractive benefits. For example, you can manage “hand-raises” and apply a mute button where necessary, enabling sophisticated conferencing management for any business of any size.

Extensive call screening

For any busy business owner there can be an inconvenient time to pick up the phone. Call screening with VoIP gives you more options than simply identifying the caller and letting the call ring out. For example, you can choose to direct certain numbers to other destinations, such as your child’s number to your mobile phone, giving you more overall control over how you manage your calls.

Data insights

If you are working with a managed, cloud-based VoIP service then you will be able to see data insights such as bandwidth utilisation over time. You’ll also have detailed information on how your business manages the calls it receives, as well as data on the calls themselves, such as origin point and cost. All of this can be fed into making your business more effective and employing better methods of marketing and customer management.

Find me/follow me call routing

For people working remotely, especially those who many not always be sitting at a desk, this is an essential feature. Find me/follow me call routing means that a call passes through a pre-defined list of numbers before it eventually reaches voicemail. So, it could ring first at an office phone, then a mobile and finally the phone at home, ensuring that essential communications are not dropped or lost.

Voicemail optimisation

Picking up messages from voicemail can be problematic for busy owners and entrepreneurs. Messages can be forgotten or written down incorrectly, which can lead to a wide range of issues. One feature of VoIP that many small business owners find incredibly useful is voicemail to email transcription. This optimises the way that voicemail is used by transcribing voicemail messages to text and then sending them to a chosen email. Messages don’t get lost in translation and can be organised and filed on receipt.

Training tools

VoIP systems also enable training support when your employees are dealing with people on the phone. For example, by using the “barge” feature you can listen in on a call between an employee and a client or customer, to monitor performance and responses. The “whisper” feature means that you can also provide advice or feedback at the same time so that only the employee hears it.

VoIP has many advantages and additional features for the average small business owner – contact help4IT to find out how to optimise this for your business today.

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