What could video conferencing bring to your business?

Video conferencing used to be considered something of a luxury and only available to those businesses with big budgets and extensive tech support. Today, thanks to advancements in technology, it is an option for every enterprise, from the smallest startup through to large, international organisations. So, why might you want to consider video conferencing for your business?

Reduce travel budgets

Whether you’re interviewing candidates as part of a recruitment process or discussing potential work with a client, video conferencing means that it’s no longer necessary to physically be in the same room as that person. This can be enormously beneficial when it comes to travel budgets and staff expenses, as it reduces the number of plane and train fares required, as well as all the ancillary costs.

Speak to multiple participants

Thanks to the way that video conferencing has developed it’s now simple and straightforward to set up a call with multiple participants, no matter where in the world they all are. This significantly expands the scope of location for businesses, whether that’s in terms of clients with cross-jurisdictional needs or a business with staff spread across a number of different areas. Using video conferencing means that communication is instant and easy across locations and borders.

Embrace agile working

Increasingly, businesses today are looking to embrace a workforce that may be made up of mobile and part time workers who may only be infrequently in the office. Video conferencing provides a way to stay in touch with all of those in the team and to ensure that essential ideas, motivation and a sense of teamwork is not lost simply because you don’t have everyone in the same building. For those organisations looking to embrace agile working, video conferencing is a crucial component.

Removing the restrictions of time

Video conferencing can take place at any time, business hours need no longer be a restriction. This allows organisations to be more flexible when it comes to the conversations that need to be had and also to take into account the requirements of those who may be in different time zones.

Putting a face to a voice

Effective communication is far easier when it’s possible to see the face of the person that you’re talking to. Video conferencing is the only other way to facilitate this without two people being in the same room. This not only helps to humanise the interaction but can also be very useful with respect to incorporating body language into negotiations and reading expressions while the conversation continues.

The impact of visuals

Being able to show something is far more powerful than simply describing it and video conferencing makes that possible no matter where in the world the conversation participants are. From visual plans through to prototypes and samples, it’s much easier to get ideas and concepts across when you have a visual way of displaying them.

These are just some of the ways in which video conferencing could benefit your business – if you’d like to find out more, get in touch.

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