Wifi in School

What considerations are there for controlling WiFi in schools and education?

Educational networks rely on super fast WiFi to ensure access to resources and smooth running of day-to-day operations. Managing WiFi in schools, and in any educational environment, requires a slightly different approach to WiFi than for business or personal use. A different user base, as well as the need to optimise security and accessibility, provide some specific challenges for controlling and managing WiFi in schools and educational facilities.

WiFi and productivity

There is a direct correlation between the quality and speed of the WiFi network in schools and educational institutions and the productivity of students. Digital connections can have a transformative effect on performance and communication and so a high speed connection is essential. However, despite the obvious advantages of a high quality, high speed WiFi connection, so many schools and places of education still suffer from network solutions that don’t live up to expectations, which can have a knock on impact on student productivity as a result.

IT and education are intertwined

Upgrading network solutions to ensure up to date systems that can handle the increased demand for IT resources in education is crucial. From schools to universities, IT is now important to every part of education with computers, smart phones and tablets inextricably woven into the way that we learn. So, for any educational institution, controlling WiFi to make sure that it is reliable and fast is going to play a crucial role in ensuring that all resources available to students are optimised.

Educational WiFi requires dedicated solutions

There is a big difference between the IT needs of a connected school and the IT needs of another large network, such as an office. The reality is that consumer grade network solutions are rarely suitable for schools and educational environments and can make it difficult to control and manage WiFi effectively. Carrying out a network assessment – looking at factors, such as average internet speed, the number of connected devices and how easy it is to carry out tasks that require WiFi, could highlight just how much existing solutions are falling behind expectations. Optimising school and educational networks often requires a dedicated solution.

A set of very specific needs

With respect to this type of network, concerns such as security and device monitoring take on particular importance. In an age where every network could enable access to key data, all are potential targets for cyber criminals looking to disable or hack in order to make profit. This has introduced a new era of security demand and heightened the need for educational institutions to be even more conscious of security when it comes to WiFi networks. Regular maintenance and updating of networks, as well as monitoring and assessment are essential to ensure networks always have the best possible security in place. Considerations of safe search and authorised device connection can ensure that WiFi security remains high.

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