Cloud Telephony

What can cloud telephony offer businesses on an everyday basis?

Most of us have now gotten used to the idea that IT, such as software needs, can be better served via the cloud. However, other communications often get left behind this way of thinking. Cloud telephony is an essential component in modern business communication, whether that’s phone calls, faxes or text messages. For those still plodding on with hard to manage, expensive on-premise communications there are many benefits to considering a switch to cloud technology.

True mobility

The ability to fully engage a mobile workforce is one of the biggest benefits of the cloud in general. Businesses looking to be more agile need cloud technology to enable remote access wherever there is an internet connection. There are multiple benefits to this, including being able to work with a global workforce, on a more remote basis and without compromising any security along the way. The same goes for communications. If your business is using cloud telephony then all you need is an internet connection in order to be able to access voicemail and fax, monitor activities and set answering rules from wherever you are in the world.

A scalable asset

Investment in communications is essential for any business but this can be a heavy burden as soon as change is required. The great advantage of cloud telephony is that it can be scaled up or down in response to the current need within your business. It can also be easily managed – hosted VoIP, for example, provides a single communication system for everyone in the business configurable from mobile or computer.

Better costs management

The opportunity to reduce spend is a major selling point for cloud telephony. Like no other technology, the cloud has offered businesses large and small a way to cut costs without compromising on service. With no hardware to manage and nothing on site, the up front costs of cloud telephony are far lower than an on-premise solution, reducing obstructive set-up expenses for many businesses. Ongoing costs are much easier to manage too – there are no restrictive long-term contracts that tie the business in regardless of performance or business change. Instead, there is the opportunity to effectively pay as you go, buying those services that are the most useful and which the business actually needs.

Simplifying communications

With cloud telephony, changes and adjustments can be made swiftly and often without going through a specialised team of techs. Ongoing upgrades and maintenance become the responsibility of the cloud telephony provider, not the business, reducing the resources required to maintain a high quality communications network. Cloud telephony means that there is no hardware on site, which both frees up office space and ensures that any risk for damage to expensive hardware is managed by the cloud telephony provider and not by the individual business.

These are just some of the reasons why cloud telephony is a great option for businesses. From cutting costs, to simplifying comms for your team wherever in the world they are, cloud telephony is an upgrade worth making – contact us if you’d like to find out more.

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