Cloud Computing

What can cloud computing bring to your business?

The Cloud is something that is used by almost every business on a daily basis, even without some being aware of it. If you’ve ever checked your email on your desktop computer, then gone away and checked it through an email app on your phone, you’ve been using the Cloud. If you’ve ever used social media from your phone, for example Facebook or Twitter, or if you’ve ever updated something on your website on-the-go, then you’ve been using the Cloud. Cloud technology offers multiple benefits, so if you’re looking to utilise it more effectively, or introduce it in the first place, here are some of the benefits that it can bring to your business:

You can work on-the-move

Just like checking your social accounts, if you’re familiar with this on your mobile, you can also access files and work on-the-move, saving your work to the Cloud, which will then be saved and ready to re-open next time you’re on your desktop. This is ideal for employees who are often having to commute to meetings and would like to be able to make the best of their time, in any location with internet access. If employees are unable to get into the office for personal reasons, or need to work from another location, Cloud infrastructure makes this possible.

Incentivising employees and increasing productivity

As an employer, it also gives you the chance to offer your employees the opportunity to work from home as a work “perk”, which can often serve as a great employment incentive. The Cloud goes beyond just being able to work from different locations, however, and it allows multiple users to work on and edit documents in real time. This means that productivity can also be increased throughout the organisation as employees can work outside of their set work hours where required.

Faster data recovery in the event of disaster

Another use of cloud infrastructure is that it enables you to back up your data and important information offsite and benefit from servers outside of your physical building. This is useful in the event of a disaster that causes hardware damage, or even in the event of a data breach.

Cloud technology is particularly useful in the case of a ransomware attack, as it means you will have the ability to remove the virus and then restore your own data without having to pay a ransom. This means that your internal data and customer data are protected and recoverable, which is an important aspect to maintaining strong data security and adhering to the GDPR and other legal regulations.

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