What benefits are there to outsourcing your IT?

Making the decision to outsource your IT is something that every business should consider, especially if they are a small to medium enterprise looking to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated IT department, but do not have the budget. Allowing an external company to manage your IT infrastructure can allow for optimisation of your network, resulting in improved productivity at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated IT department.

With that in mind, here are some of the most prominent advantages that can come as a result of outsourcing your IT:

Operational Costs

One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing your IT is that it allows for an easily manageable, scalable package with a clear variable cost. This means you can track cash flow more effectivity and lower your operating costs to improve overall profitability.

Opting to outsource your IT to an external firm also makes for a more efficient use of your budget as the expenses associated with recruiting your own IT staff and training them would be vast, and you cannot guarantee that they will offer a return on investment. As well as this, if they leave, you will have to hire and train a new employee in their place, which can be expensive. By outsourcing your IT, you are removing these potential whilst still gaining all the advantages of having a dedicated IT department without the stress of management and the costs involved.

Specialist Knowledge and Expertise

If you decide to establish your own internal IT department, how can you be sure that your IT staff are qualified, knowledgeable and experienced in the role? Although a potential candidate may have a certification, it is hard to tell whether they are really the most valuable person for the role if you are not proficient in IT yourself. On top of this, once employed it is difficult to track productivity and the employee’s value to the business as it can be difficult to set KPI’s and performance targets if you do not completely understand the role they play.

If you decide to employ an external firm to handle your IT, you do not need to worry about this as your IT management business will have dedicated specialists for most tasks and can offer a more innovative and experienced level of service than in-house staff would be able to offer.

Improved Productivity and Competitiveness

Most small to medium enterprises do not have the budget to match the in-house IT support and expertise that larger corporations are able to take advantage of due to their size and economies of scale. Outsourcing provides an elegant solution for this, by giving smaller businesses access to similar IT systems and support that larger companies enjoy. By utilising the services of an independent third party IT supplier, they too can enjoy the benefits of economies of scale in IT to employ the latest, most efficient solutions for data management, security, cloud solutions and more.

This is due to the fact that the IT provider will already have the experience, knowledge and technology in place to compete with otherwise dominant larger companies. Your business can then utilise this without having to invest massive capital and time into establishing their own IT department.

Increased Security, Reduced Risk

Whilst you can take steps to try and protect yourself against cyber-attack and system failure, the best way to guarantee your cyber security and protect yourself from data loss and system failure is to leave it to the experts. An external IT firm will be able to implement a range of security measures, including an audit of current systems to establish potential vulnerabilities, training your staff on the best practices to stay staff online and working with you to implement a contingency plan to ensure your seamless operation in the event of a disaster.

By outsourcing to an external firm who are familiar with compliance regulations, you can ensure you are compliant with all regulations to reduce your risk of financial penalty and increase consumer confidence by offering assurance for the secure handling of customer data and sensitive information.

To discover more about how outsourcing your IT can improve your efficiency and drive productivity, visit our website here. If you are interested in the services that we offer, you can speak to one of our expert team by calling 0207 653 9780.

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