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What are the benefits of outsourcing your IT requirements?

Many companies want to take care of as many areas of their business internally as they can, however IT is an area that is often lacking specific skills or under-resourced. At the same time, IT affects many other areas within your company, and almost all, if not every employee, will be relying on it to some level. This means that if your IT infrastructure is not working as it should be, you could be losing efficiency, productivity and money. At this point, it is worth considering looking at enlisting the help of an external IT partner, and with this in mind, what are some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT requirements?

Greater operational efficiency

Outsourcing your IT requirements allows you to benefit from external expertise and experience that can create more efficient systems to allow all of the processes that you need.  You can benefit from the knowledge of expert engineers without the cost of a whole IT department in-house. Problems can be highlighted and identified from a completely impartial perspective, which means that they can advise on the best ways to increase your overall operational efficiency.

More specific resource allocation

The outside perspective and input from an outsourced IT provider allows them to allocate their resources into the specific areas that your business most needs it. This may rely on the in-house resources that you already have, but also allows their engineers to tailor their services to meet your business’ exact requirements. This can be changed at any time, and reallocated as resources and requirements change, which is much easier than restructuring your staff and resources in-house. Instead, they can upscale or downscale the support provided where necessary, according to your contract, which could be enlisting help for specific projects, or an ongoing monthly support contract with an SLA in place.

Benefit from security expertise

Your IT provider will also have greater insight into security and the latest regulations and changes. They will therefore be able to ensure that your infrastructure is consistently up-to-date and protected against threats to the highest possible level. This also helps with your compliance, and guarantees that your company will be protecting customer data sufficiently, which also gives greater assurance to your customers that their data is safe, private and confidential at all times. At the same time, this high level of expertise and full compliance reduces the risk of any data breaches and legal action or financial penalties being faced by your company.

Improved uptime

Downtime is one of the highest costs to businesses each year – in terms of financial cost and the impact on your brand reputation and customer satisfaction as services are impacted. Your IT provider will be able to provide ongoing advice, consultancy and support when downtime occurs, which can minimise your RTO time. They will also be able to plan in advance for this downtime and establish a disaster recovery plan (DRP) to back up data, and ensure that you recover from any issues as quickly as possible.

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