How does VoIP work and how could it benefit your business?

When assessing cash flow optimisation, many businesses skip over telephony, without giving much consideration as to whether their current solution is really right for their business. By taking the time to explore the options available and optimising your communications systems, you are able to take advantage of a range of communicational benefits, while delivering significantly reduced expenditure. Introducing, VoIP.


What is VoIP?

VoIP, also known as Voice over IP, is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional telephony systems, especially in business. Where traditional systems would use a phone line setup, VoIP utilise your internet connectivity, converting the analogue signals from your phone into digital data. As long as you have sufficient bandwidth to support multiple users, there is no extensive preparation required for a VoIP installation, and allows for easy integration into any existing IT infrastructure.


How can VoIP benefit my business?

Making the decision to implement a VoIP system allows you to experience the vast range of extensive benefits and functionality, including the ability to display individual caller ID to users, and enabling calls to be rerouted before they reach a voicemail message. VoIP phones also allow users to place callers on hold and transfer calls through an IVR switchboard, as well as offering the option to record call and configure bespoke voicemail services.

This extended functionality empowers businesses to more effectively manage the answering and forwarding of business related matters to a relevant person or department for reduced hold times and improved customer satisfaction. This can also be extended to multiple locations or offices worldwide using the same IP address, granting easy expansion and future growth, resulting in vastly improved flexibility.


More about VoIP

If you’re interested in find out how you can take advantage of the improved flexibility, communication, future expansion and reduced costs that an internet based Voice over IP solution can offer, get in touch with one of our communication specialists by calling 0207 653 9780 today, where we will be happy to explain the options available to you and plan a bespoke solution for your business.

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