Why VoIP can be useful for SMEs

Telephony can be one of the most expensive assets to any business if the right setup is not in place. However, there are now more options than just the standard telephone line. One popular choice that more businesses are choosing to adopt is VoIP – or Voice over IP. This method offers a number of benefits over traditional ISDN lines for SMEs.

What are the features offered by VoIP?

VoIP essentially uses an IP address instead of a traditional phone line setup. It works by converting analogue signals into digital data. VoIP can therefore offer a variety of benefits and functions such as displaying individual caller ID to users, and enabling calls to be rerouted before they reach a voicemail message. VoIP phones allow users to place callers on hold and make transferring calls. VoIP also allows for an IVR switchboard to be setup, as well as call recording and voicemail services, and a do not disturb function.

VoIP compatibilities

One of the benefits of VoIP for SMEs is that it can be integrated within any existing IT infrastructure, as long as there are a few key elements. You must have sufficient bandwidth to enable multiple users are any given time, especially to prepare for future growth and scalability. At the same time, there must also be a high speed internet connection to cater for multiple users at once instead of resulting in a notable reduction in the service received for VoIP phones. You will also need a good router, which will enable you to ensure that your calls are of the highest quality.

VoIP provides flexibility in working

Perhaps one of the most useful features of VoIP is that it offers greater flexibility and cost effectiveness for companies working across multiple sites worldwide. The same IP address can be used, which also reduces international call costs since VoIP to VoIP calls are free. Offices can call each other in-house, meaning that call costs are the same regardless of location, even if offices are in multiple locations across the globe.

If you’re looking for the right VoIP solution for your company or looking to update your telephony, give help4IT a call today on 0207 653 9780.

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