How could a Virtual PBX make your business a communications master?

voip_communicationsHow a business communicates, both internally and with their clients, is crucial to its productivity and overall success. Which is why there’s an imperative to ensure your system is efficient, robust and fit to meet the ever growing communication challenges of a fast-paced, mobile world.

We often speak about the versatility and mobility of cloud applications. Building upon this technology, many businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises are cottoning onto the benefits and power that a virtual PBX system can provide their operations.


What is Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which operates your business’ telecommunications without need for physical equipment at your premises. Rather than the old method of having a telephone exchange system installed, off which your phone, fax and modems would be connected, a virtual PBX system is controlled from a 3rd party VoIP provider, delivered over the internet.

Operating over the internet allows access for staff from either office or remote locations, offering a versatile, cost effective solution which can deliver a range of benefits to elevate your business’ overall communications.


Key Benefits of Virtual PBX


 Cost Effective

Virtual PBX offers a robust communications system, suitably tailored to business needs, whilst able to operate at minimal costs. This is down to the reduction in capital expenditure on physical equipment and the costs attached to maintenance and support of that internal set-up. In addition, this can provide cost-effectiveness from a staffing point of view, removing the need for dedicated in-house support


Comprehensive Solutions for Small Businesses

A key feature of this solution has been the ability of smaller businesses to gain access to a comprehensive and complex range of communication options that might have been cost prohibitive and, frankly, unattainable in previous times.

It offers businesses access to services such as:

  • Messaging
  • Call-Waiting
  • Automatic Dialling
  • Remote access
  • Conferencing capabilities
  • Instant Chat Options

And, as VPBX suppliers gain in prominence, so the different applications and services are being extended and improved.

Of course, the one obvious benefit of this, for a small business, is that it can significantly improve the image of the company, offering it the facilities of a larger company whilst reinforcing an impression that they are large enough to cope with industry demands.


Remote Working

Virtual PBX allows staff access to telecommunications whether in the office, at home or on remote business operations. As long as they have access to the internet they can be available via phone, messaging, email or other services such as instant chat. This allows a business improved responsiveness with clients, who expect swift replies to queries, for example.


Integration of Online and Offline Communication

Much of the way a business interacts with its client base will be driven from the internet; either through their website or social media. Using a virtual system allows a business to seamlessly integrate their online and more traditional modes of communication. This can be through click-to-call buttons on their websites, particularly vital as mobile sites takes greater prominence. Or the facility for Live Chat services, all of which allows you to be in quick and direct contact with your customer.



From a single person operation to small business or large enterprise, the move towards virtual PBX systems offers a range benefits that can have a significant impact and improvement on your communication with your clients and between your workers. Not only can this reduce costs and improve your bottom line, it delivers effective, robust and versatile solutions for quick and meaningful interaction both on and offline.


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