Tips for Moving Office IT

Office relocation is a complicated process. It is time consuming and it requires months of preparation. There’s a lot to consider and making sure your IT systems are safely transferred and quickly set up is essential. In fact, experience shows that you can never plan too far in advance, especially when it comes to migrating critical business. Get this wrong and you can say goodbye to the smooth running of your business.

Fancy avoiding all the hassle? We’ve come up with a brief checklist to help small businesses plan and execute the perfect office IT move.

  1. Plan in advance – set reasonable time frames for everything and draw up a contingency plan so you can be sure all areas for failure are covered.
  2. Be clear about your requirements – why are you moving and what need to come with you?
  3. Prepare an equipment inventory – tagging all equipment and drawing up a floor plan will help you get set up much quicker than if you waited until moving day to decide where everything goes.
  4. Review your IT & communications systems – Have you outgrown your current systems? Can you port current phone numbers to the new office?
  5. Update your IT – take stock and consider upgrading some or all of your systems. Consolidating hardware and upgrading to a virtual solution may be beneficial.
  6. Get connected – Internet service can take a while to get going and you wouldn’t want to be left without such a critical element of your business, so plan this well in advance.
  7. Backup and re-connection – before transporting critical systems make sure you have hardware and software backups waiting to be installed. Sometimes the physical transfer can cause damage to essential components.
  8. Downtime – organise an out of hours move so customers won’t be left in the dark when your systems are offline. Get the help of IT office relocation experts. They’ll have the experience, resources and the time to make sure everything runs smoothly.

By using this IT move checklist you can more effectively coordinate your office move, avoid downtime, maintain excellent customer experience and service levels, and prepare for disaster.

On the day of the move your best assets will be the skills and experience of your IT team. Practising the plan, testing what’s possible and providing contingency measures for what is not will ensure your office IT move goes without a hitch.

Find out how help4it are helping businesses execute snag-free IT moves. Why not get in touch with us today.

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