The 7 benefits of managed IT support for your business


Managed IT support is a smart solution for any business. From meeting challenges of security through to enabling better strategic planning, there are many good reasons why managed IT support makes sense.

1. 24/7 helpdesk support

Expert support is one of the key benefits of managed IT support. The cost and commitment of providing round the clock helpdesk resources in-house makes this level of support impossible to provide for all but the largest and best resourced businesses. However, as part of a managed IT support package, a 24/7 helpdesk is available to organisations of any size and for everything, from remote problem solving to routine administration.

2. Network monitoring

Security is a significant vulnerability for many businesses today and network monitoring has a big role to play in improving this. Where comprehensive network monitoring is in place there is an early warning system when an issue arises and small inconsistencies that could be a sign of a larger problem are spotted early. Monitoring of critical network and valuable servers is affordable and scalable as part of managed IT support.

3. Strategic overview

Does your business have the right infrastructure to serve its goals and purposes? Have you mapped out hardware and software need in line with business strategy in the coming years? Managed IT support means having an IT manager who maintains a comprehensive overview of your IT and ensures that software and hardware needs are being met and planned for.

4. An upgrade in expertise

For many businesses, working with a managed IT support service means an upgrade in expertise and access to specialists the business would not be able to afford on an in-house contract. The service is set up so that a specialist technician carries out weekly remote administration of the business’ server, preparing and maintaining detailed information on the IT infrastructure.

5. Information collection and communication

Businesses working with managed IT support are assigned a dedicated technician who will keep detailed records about the business. This kind of data can be invaluable when it comes to working out whether the current IT infrastructure is fit for purpose and where key changes could be beneficially made. Communication is easy, as the dedicated technician will keep the rest of the business’ virtual IT department informed and up-to-date.

6. Real time data and regular reporting

Reporting on IT use and need has a crucial role to play in ensuring the infrastructure in place is providing the best possible support to the business. Working with a managed IT service means regular reporting so that key information is always available to the management team. Secure access enables support and data to be obtained 24/7 without any concerns about unauthorised access.

7. System specification and procurement

Procurement and system specification represent a challenge to most businesses, particularly those on the smaller side of the scale. Without the right experience and expertise it may be beyond the scope of existing knowledge to make the right acquisitions. A managed IT support service enables these requirements to be outsourced, saving time and cost and ensuring the right decisions are made.

Managed IT support has a number of very real benefits for businesses looking to ensure they are getting the most from existing infrastructure. Contact help4IT today to find out more.

Tom Finnis

Tom Finnis is responsible for the delivery of IT support services and projects to help4IT's clients, as well as the development of the company's cloud infrastructure and related products. Tom has overseen the growth of the Help4IT technical department from 3 to 12 full-time staff, with additional contract workers, creating the systems and procedures to enable the efficient provision of the company's high level of support. More recently he has led the design and deployment of help4IT's multi-site cloud infrastructure.


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