Tegile has joined Western Digital: What changes have happened?

In September 2017 it was announced that Tegile had become part of the Western Digital Group of companies. The news was big for those with an interest in the enterprise data centre and keen to explore new solutions for big data and fast data. But what changes have actually taken place and what does this mean for the businesses that might be able to benefit from them?

Tegile is now part of Western Digital

Western Digital is the largest storage company in the world and the addition of Tegile has introduced the opportunity for evolution. Tegile is well known for its expertise in flash storage – in fact it has been driving this revolution since 2012. In particular, Tegile is known for its IntelliFlash™ architecture. This is a well developed storage platform that has been designed to enable storage at the speed of flash memory. With Tegile, Western Digital is responding to what is an increasing need to be able to offer scalable storage architectures that are reliable and have high performance and optimal economics. According to Mike Cordano, president and chief operating officer of Western Digital, “The Tegile acquisition will fit perfectly in Western Digital’s long-term strategy to deliver high value solutions that address customers’ rapidly evolving storage needs.”

So what has changed?

Tegile brought with it to Western Digital an additional 1,700 new customers, as well as a team that has some of the most valuable insight and experience in the industry. The business also has an innovative product range that is likely to add some serious value to the Western Digital offering. The combination of Tegile’s IntelliFlash™ with its focus on fast data and the Western Digital products that are all about big data, is likely to result in a range of products that give businesses better ways to make the most of their data throughout its entire lifecycle.

Industry changing storage products

So far, both Western Digital and Tegile have been responsible for introducing revolutionary storage products so the two combined could be a seismic shift for the industry. Western Digital has already proven itself to be an industry leading provider of storage technologies and solutions with a focus on efficiency, flexibility and speed. Tegile is developing a new generation of persistent-memory storage solutions and is renowned for its range of innovative products and technology. So, the addition of Tegile to Western Digital is likely to mean a greater array of innovative products and technology being made available to customers. The new combined effort is also intended to broaden out scale and supply and to be able to pass on significant cost benefits to users from the additional capacity that the combined venture could produce.

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