Why switch your IT support provider: finding the perfect partner for your small business – Part 2

There might be several reasons as to why you need to switch your IT support to an outsourced provider. Their technical knowledge might not be up to scratch, they might be overly concerned with supplying your business with things that it doesn’t really need, or they might try and complicate matters of technology, hiding behind jargon and ‘tech talk’ to keep you needing support. Whatever the current IT weather, the following will help you stay on track when searching for the perfect outsourced partner.


Look to the future

One of the reasons why many small businesses may need to switch IT supplier is because they are looking for a partner to help them grow – one which will see them profit in the future and provide the right support along the way. You should certainly expect the growth of your business and so your IT provider should grow with you. This is key for small businesses and startups – anticipating your future IT requirements and scaling support.

Over time you may find that your business goals are changing, due either to want or necessity, but the most important thing is to keep your provider informed. As mentioned previously, regular meetings with your account manager will help you both stay up to date. If regular meeting are difficult to plan for in your organisation then proactive support will ensure that no stone is left unturned and any issue is fixed before it even appeared (well almost) leaving you to get on with running a business and planning for the future. Don’t forget to include IT support in your plans though.

Before entering in to a contract, whether it’s long or short term, you should check how easy it might be to break partnership. Don’t forget, businesses change providers precisely because of this. It would be a shame to make the same mistake twice, not to mention costly. However impressed you are by the expertise of a support provider, pay attention to the terms and conditions. If you’re lucky you might find that your provider will offer you a money back guarantee for the first month – just to show how serious they are about success.


All you need to know

Initially, all you really need to know is that the IT provider has the resources, the technical expertise, and the time to not only support your business now but in the future too, helping it to achieve growth. If at the end of your journey you find an IT support partner that can solve the challenges unique to your sector and provide you with a no-nonsense, proactive approach to IT then you can stop searching and enjoy running your business.

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