Does your IT support provider know your name?

hatoverheadThere are lots of reasons for choosing a particular IT support provider. You could make the decision based on the size of the company, or their product offering, or the price of their services. One important metric which is often overlooked is how interested they are in your business – whether your company matters to them,  or whether you are just another regular payment into their bank account.


Why does it matter if your IT provider knows your name?

For any provider to manage your IT effectively they need to have a thorough understanding of how your company, and industry operates, and the way your IT requirements are integrated into every aspect of the business.

Any IT provider who simply sees you as an account number is not going to have a real grasp of what your business does, and how they can help you to reach your maximum potential. This complete lack of connection can lead to many problems. How can you have any confidence that they are offering you the best solution for your IT needs?

IT support is not usually something that lends itself to generic ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Each business has different needs and just because something is popular or the ‘latest thing’ doesn’t mean that you should adopt it. It may prove to be a costly mistake that could handicap your business for years to come.

By contrast, an IT provider who knows your business well, and has a genuine desire to see your business succeed will be able to suggest changes you could make to operate more effectively, and offer guidance on any IT related issues within your company.


Build a relationship for the future

A long-term partnership that has been established over many years is a far more effective way to help your business grow than simply looking for the cheapest price. Is there a dedicated account manager you are happy to build that relationship with? Someone who has taken the time to understand your point of view, and what you really want from your IT department can be trusted to provide your business with the IT support that is best for you.

One of the most effective ways of discovering how good your IT provider is at fostering these type of long-term relationships to to ask them for examples of customers who have remained with them for at least five years. If there are customers who have remained satisfied for an extended period of time then you can be confident that your IT provider works with their customers to understand their requirements as their businesses grow and develop.

It is personal relationships like this, where customers build a connection with a dedicated support team who are familiar with them and their IT systems that make the difference. Many firms will allocate customer support calls to whichever random technician happens to be available. Often this technician does not know your company and simply follows an automated troubleshooting script throughout the support call. A good IT support provider will focus on finding the best solution for their customers, not on closing the support call as quickly as possible.


Can you name any of your IT support people?

With a dedicated support team approach, you should be able to get to speak to the same group of technicians, who are familiar with you and their IT systems. With technicians taking ownership of the problems, this increases accountability, and you’re not left talking to random person following an automated troubleshooting script.

A huge investment of time, money and trust is involved when you decide to change your IT provider. By focusing on relationship and service instead of just price you make the right choice and allow your business to continue to grow.

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