Small businesses need a different sort of IT – take advantage of the freebies

Our last post presented the current climate that small businesses find themselves in and stressed the need for SMEs and startups alike to adopt a different kind of IT. Given that small businesses account for around 95% of all private sector activity in the UK economy – that’s a phenomenal turnover of over £1,500 billion every year, and all coming from the small business sector – it’s no surprise that there is uncertainty among many of them.

Our ‘no nonsence’ tips for the small business owner continue…


Take advantage of the freebies

Free doesn’t have to mean ‘cheap’ and there’s an awful lot of high-quality, well-engineered free stuff out there if you know where to look. Let’s not forget that some of the most successful IT products of the last 20 years have a hipster heritage – Linux, Asterisk, Gimp, WordPress, Open Office, Ubuntu, Drupal – it’s a long list.

Up to a point, you can build a successful business just using free software but remember that nothing comes for free. You will always be providing data, from personal to behavioural, which is just another form of currency. It’s just valuable to different people. Free software can be helpful to a small business but it’s important to be aware of such things before you sign on the dotted line.

We like freebies so much though we’ve even developed a top 10 guide to the best IT freebies that you can download here.

At some point though, you will need the reliability, support and performance that comes from a paid IT service. But even then, freebies are available. Many IT providers will offer you a free month to sample their services, a money back guarantee or a discounted trial period. Take advantage of these offers until you find a solution that suits your needs.

It’s a simple cost-effective way to build an IT service that’s right for your business. But, for a more substantial offering it’s important to find the right IT provider. The right IT provider can give you all you need for a single, low-cost monthly fee. You’ll have no upfront hardware costs to pay and you’ll never need to get your hands dirty with the techie stuff.

Why not find out how our all-you-need IT service, Business in a Box, can provide you with all these things, and more?

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