Small businesses need a different sort of IT – Learn the basics but don’t get too involved

Recently we posted an article about the importance of business IT being all joined up i.e. how IT needs to be seamless so that it can integrate with the way small businesses work. Now we want to discuss the extent to which small business owners need to get involved in managing their company’s IT.

Our ‘no nonsense’ IT tips for the small business owner continue…

Unless it’s really your thing (e.g. you are running an IT company) it’s probably best not to get too involved in the day-to-day running of your IT infrastructure. It can suck up a lot of time if you’re not careful and that’s clearly not the point. You may have a dedicated IT manager who will take care of the technical side of the operation but what happens when they need support or, in fact, when your company starts to grow and you need IT to keep pace? In these cases hiring a team of experts is what’s best.

As a small business owner you need to focus on what you do best (running your business) and leave the rest to an expert. That’s not to say you simply hand it over and forget about it. It’s important that you know the difference between a webmail client and hosted exchange, for example, and any reputable IT support company will make sure you understand what’s going on.

Fortunately you don’t always need to employ a full time IT person to keep the show on the road, you can get an enterprise-class IT department at the end of the phone. Handing your IT over to an expert means that you can focus on core activities, safe in the knowledge that things are running smoothly.

Our all-you-need IT service, Business in a Box, provides small businesses with the IT services they need to manage support, sustain growth and keep the business on track and on budget. With Business in a Box you benefit from:

  • Big company IT at small company prices
  • Simplified support
  • An IT department at the end of the phone
  • Enterprise services with no CAPEX
  • Controlled and reduced IT expenses.

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