Small businesses need a different sort of IT – join it all up

Following on from our previous post that addressed the advantages and disadvantages of using free software for managing your small business, we’d now like to help tie it all together.

Our ‘no nonsense’ tips for the small business owner continue…

In today’s world of 4G, super fast broadband and Justin Bieber, there’s simply no excuse for being tied to a single platform.

As a small business owner, you’ll be used to working 20 hours a day so you’ll need to be able to work from anywhere on any platform and any device. “I haven’t got my laptop with me” is simply not an excuse.

Effective small business IT is seamless. To be properly effective you need to respond to emails on your smartphone and your tablet and your laptop and a random PC in an Internet cafe. Moreover you need to access those customer files, that spreadsheet, that software from wherever you are – with or without your laptop.

Small business IT has to join it all together so that laptop, tablet and smartphone work in harmony. This means platform independent services supported by Virtual Desktops running in a secure environment with maximum uptime.

It means Business in a Box! Why not find out how our all-you-need IT service, Business in a Box, offers small businesses:

  • Big company IT at small company prices
  • Simplified support
  • An IT department at the end of the phone
  • Enterprise services with no CAPEX
  • Controlled and reduced IT expenses.

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