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Small businesses account for around 95% of all private sector activity in the UK economy. That’s a phenomenal turnover of over £1,500 billion every year – all coming from the small business sector.

Small businesses have different IT needs to big businesses but it’s suprising how little thought is given to the IT requirements of the smaller enterprise. The obvious major difference between the small and the larger enterprise is budget. Unless you are lucky enough to have a VC funded social media start-up, you’re unlikely to have access to a massive IT fund, so you need to make sure that every penny invested in IT delivers value. It’s a ‘small’ concept called Return on Investment.

Given that time is always of the essence when it comes to company growth, we wanted to offer a few ‘no nonsense’ IT tips for the small business owner to help them on their way to mission success.

Too often, small businesses invest in huge ‘enterprise-class’ on-site equipment that’s just not suited to their size or their day-to-day needs. There’s a certain amount of comfort from having a big grey box humming away in the corner of the room but for a small business that’s an unnecessary expense.

Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Do you really need an on-site exchange server?
  • Does it make sense to invest in PBX hardware and telephones?
  • Does a small company really need all those software licenses?

The problem with enterprise-class on-site equipment is enterprise-class support contracts, license fees, upgrades and maintenance, not to mention the full-time enterprise-class IT guru you’ll need to employ to keep the whole thing running.

Nowadays, enterprise-class IT doesn’t have to mean on-site equipment. Cloud-based and outsourced IT services can simplify, streamline and significantly reduce the cost of small business IT operations.

The right IT provider can give you all you need for a single, low-cost monthly fee. You’ll have no upfront hardware costs to pay and you’ll never need to get your hands dirty with the techie stuff.

Enter, Business in a Box. It’s an all-you-need IT service based in the cloud. It’s what you need to help your business grow. It’s modular so you only sign up for the services that you require; whether it be hosted email, file storage, web management, hosted phones or a virtual desktop. Business in a Box simplifies IT and lets you get on with running your business. Why not find out what Business in a Box can do to help your company grow?

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