Small businesses need a different kind of support – Plan for the future to keep it simple

For small businesses and startups it’s important to think about the now but also the future. You won’t always be a small business so it’s important to plan for future growth. IT plays a huge part in this development and should be considered as seriously as any other part of your operation.

You might just need an email account today but there’s a good chance that you’ll need a website soon, you’ll possibly want a telephony system as the business grows and maybe some secure backup and file storage in a few months.

Many small businesses make the simple mistake of not thinking ahead. They go to vendor A for their email. That’s all fine for a few months until they need to build a website – so they go to vendor B. Website hosting? That would be vendor C. Telephones? You’ll need to talk to vendor D… and so on.

Before you know it you’re dealing with six different vendors, you have six bills to pay and six support numbers to call when things go wrong. Nobody is responsible for ‘your IT’, nobody will just make sure it works and you can forget proactive support and fault diagnostics. It’s a very common IT tangle but fortunately it’s easily avoided.

The team at help4IT are dedicated to helping small businesses and startups. Our pay-as-you-go business IT solution is a simple, modular set of IT services that provides everything you need from a single vendor. You can start by choosing whichever service suits you best, whether that’s email, website, phones, storage, desktops and support, and add more as your business grows. From just £8 a month you can build the IT service that’s perfect for you.

At help4IT we’re proactive and we know just what it takes for make IT work for small businesses.

Why not find out how our pay-as-you-go service is helping small businesses like you? Contact us today.

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