How small businesses can use technology to get the most out of remote workers

Encouraging employees to work away from the office can be a step in the right direction for small businesses, but it pays to be prepared.

We could all learn a lot from the Scouting movement, in particular, from its well-known motto, “always be prepared”. This is especially true for small businesses that either allow employees to work remotely or whose entire working culture revolves around flexibility.

‘Working from home’ is an art that has not yet been perfected. However, small businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits from using technology that helps prepare for and organise remote staff. For those who do work away from the office, it’s important to have three main things:

  • Communication
  • Connectivity and collaboration
  • Support

Here are some of the ways in which business technology makes a successfully run organisation.



Let’s start with the obvious. Most laptops these days are light enough to be carried around on long journeys and cost-effective enough to be issues to everyone if necessary. We would include an up-to-date office suite – with email. Locally stored applications and software are essential, but cloud-hosted applications are what many small businesses are turning to due to the benefits offered for mobility.


A network server

This can be a central store for documents, a secure place to hold sensitive or important information and can also provide employees – make sure to organise who has access to what – with a bank of stuff to which they can contribute. Collaboration is high on the list of priorities for modern businesses today.


Forwarding numbers

This is such a huge part of working away from the office and is often overlooked. It’s crucial if a potential prospect calls your business that someone answers the phone. If no one is around, the call should at least go to an employee’s mobile voicemail. That way, your people can pick up and return calls wherever they are. You’ll never miss an opportunity again.



Not forgetting a connection to the Internet – preferably broadband over ADSL, or something more advanced – we would argue that this is an essential component of remote working. It’s important to select a provider that can guarantee a certain level of service with unlimited data transfer, which is crucial for small businesses that rely heavily on their connection.

For a more comprehensive and complete remote worker and mobility solution, why not consider an office productivity and collaboration tool such as Office 365? It delivers clear benefits in the way of mobility and is flexible enough to suit your business, wherever your people choose to work. Get in touch with help4IT to learn how we can help your small businesses take advantage of technology for your remote workers.

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