Small Business File Management: The Reality of Digital Storage

The challenge

The digital storage industry is evolving. Solutions are becoming more efficient and basic storage packages are readily available for reasonable costs and on easy to manage tariffs. This is down to several important industry changes – mainly improvements and innovation of server virtualization and a need for more ‘intelligent’ protection technologies.

Businesses large and small are still at major risk of data loss as end users are increasingly embracing commercially available mobile file sharing and synchronization applications. To gain control of the situation, business IT departments need to look at the way digital data is handled, from its inception and management in the business network to its release or destruction.

‘Bring your own device’ is a phenomenon that is driving IT to change its security policies. Access to the business network from a personal device is simple enough to achieve and given the memory capacity of smartphones and other devices, it is more than likely that they will be used at some point to store company owned information. For increased control IT service providers must deliver boundary-free storage and file management solutions while addressing the issue of security.


Our view

For small business owners that use simple storage applications – they may be either free or not costly – such considerations may be far from their thoughts. The trouble is, as small businesses grow they develop a need for somewhere truly safe and central to share and store business-critical files and documents. Not only that, when something goes wrong they won’t want to wait for an email to come through from a support team member who doesn’t know their name and who doesn’t have the technical know-how to solve the problem. Well, what’s the solution? Enter: Business in a Box – File Management.


Business in a Box

Business in a Box file management is a simple pay-as-you-go managed service that provides you with all the secure storage space you’re ever going to need (100GB per user group). It’s a safe, secure backup and storage facility that’s accessible from any platform. It’s simple to use, with a fast and intuitive interface that provides both online and offline access – wherever you are. The pay-as-you-go and modular nature of the service means you can pay for what you need with no upfront investments. You can even add any of our other modular services; perfect for when your business needs to grow.

What can Business in a Box do for you?

  • Provide big company IT at small company prices
  • Simplify your support and simplify your billing
  • Put an IT department at the end of a phone
  • Deliver enterprise services with no CAPEX
  • Control and reduce your IT expenses.

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