What is the role of IT in the success of your business?

From multinationals to startups, IT is an integral part of every modern business. The degree to which technology is a benefit varies in each case, but it is nonetheless critical to their success.

If you fail to identify the benefits technology offers to your business then you could stand to lose a great deal.

In order to best understand why business technology is so crucial we need to look at how this technology is being used by modern businesses.



Email continues to be the main way people communicate in business. If you wanted to start running your business tomorrow, all you would need is an idea and a means of communication. Email is the best way to go about this and is also the simplest and most cost-effective means of communicating with colleagues and customers.

In addition, phones, in particular Voice over IP (VoIP), have revolutionised the way we make contact with people, regardless of where we are in the world. We should also add to the list online meeting tools and video conferencing, without which we would not have the means to conduct full-scale meetings when parties are sometimes thousands of miles apart.

This more ‘unified’ means of communicating allows us to work in the office, in a different country, out of the office and on the move, often all from one device, which makes us a great deal more productive.


Data storage and management

Most businesses store their data digitally – on servers, hard drives and external storage devices. Even the most humble of businesses collects data, either about their own processes or about their customers. By collecting even a small amount of data and analysing it in a structured way, we can gain insight into our and our customers’ behaviour.

IT has given us the tools to keep track, store and measure that data, turning masses of seemingly incomprehensible information into actionable insight for use by businesses.



Building and maintaining good relationships with your customers is an important part of running a profitable business. There is no simple solution to winning customers and keeping them happy. However, IT improves the way we design and manage customer relationship programs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems gather information about your customers and records the interaction you have along their journey, nurturing and encouraging as they go. It’s thanks to systems like this that we can access such information and can draw meaningful conclusions from it. Ultimately, the customer has a smoother, more valuable experience and the company improves the way it does business.


The role of IT

In this context IT plays a key supporting role to modern businesses. Technology needs to be able to deliver the capabilities that will enable businesses to flourish, but it will not necessarily be the primary asset.

Technology will sometimes take the lead. At other times it will have a minor role to play. However, there are many uses for IT in the business world. It will just depend on the ability of key business people to recognise the appropriate place for it.

In other words, IT is essential to the performance of certain business services, but it must work with other assets to ensure a collective success. Get in touch with help4IT to learn how we can make a success of your IT.

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