How the right IT support provider can drive profitability

company_growthNo longer simply a way to improve your competitive advantage, staying connected and keeping your business applications running smoothly is an essential part of every business operation. Whether your primary work involves service-based activity, or consumer retail, your customers, suppliers, and employees depend on your IT performance. Downtime not only costs you money, it harms your business’s reputation.

However, the right IT support provider can help you overcome IT challenges and drive profitability in your company by empowering your users, optimising your application delivery, and by customising your IT performance to your specific needs. That way, you can accelerate your business responsiveness now, and prepare for future growth.

 1. Ensuring IT service availability

On-demand expectations have changed the way businesses operate. Your employees, customers, and suppliers rely on the critical data and operating systems you use. Building true business continuity isn’t a matter of just having the ability to recover your files from an isolated date or time; you need to be able to continue working, regardless of interruptions.

But, the right IT provider can offer cloud-based recovery and back-up solutions that ensures business continuity, and effectively manages the integration services that empower your users. By offering the right software, and the right service level according to individual users and applications, cloud solutions, delivered through a trusted IT provider, offer new opportunities and possibilities that empower your users and improve your profitability.

For example:

  • Mission critical communications (email, VoIP, etc.) delivered without interruption: 99.999% up time
  • A combination of private/and public cloud services that make it all work, regardless of what happens to your office


2. Empowering users

IT services are a core part of nearly every business nowadays, and the majority of employees will be using them daily. The more time they are spending using IT, the more it affects their productivity and thus the business’ profitability. Providing your employees with the right IT tools to do their jobs is therefore essential, as well as making sure those IT tools work reliably and quickly. If you were running a car garage, would you expect your mechanics to make do with a £20 toolkit from Halfords?

Some important considerations are:

  • Performance – uptime and business continuity have already been covered, but it’s also important to ensure that the IT systems are responsive and reliable all the time. Constant delays, for example, through using applications and crashing computers,all waste employees’ time and reduce productivity, even if they aren’t officially counted as “downtime”
  • Accessibility – are your employees able to access all the IT services from wherever they need them? If they are at a different office for the day, or using a different computer can they still work as normal? Remote working solutions not only let people keep working when there is a Tube strike, but can also provide flexibility within the office too
  • Suitability – do your employees have the right IT tools for their jobs, or are they making do with what they have? Nowadays there is a huge range of IT applications and services available, so you can usually find a suitable solution for your business requirement without having to consider expensive bespoke development

The right IT provider should have a good understanding of your business and industry sector, so they can appreciate the challenges your employees face and suggest improvements where appropriate. Regular engagement between your IT provider’s team and both your management and floor level users is essential to this process, a purely reactive and faceless helpdesk only service will not achieve this.

The Benefits of Enterprise Level IT

Many SMBs simply rely on the combined IT knowledge of their current staff members to essentially handle any IT problems. But, the fact remains that in today’s economic environment, if you experience problems, downtime can have a serious, long-term impact on your business. Your customers will go elsewhere, and the loss can be irreparable.

Outsourcing support service with the right IT provider removes IT burdens from your existing staff. It allows you to access the resources that large companies enjoy, without incurring the same costs. Moreover, instead of having to upgrade, replace, and purchase hardware, your provider can offer linear grow options that tailor your IT performance capabilities to your needs.

Indeed, like any outsource strategy, it allows your team of professionals to concentrate on doing what they do best, rather than be distracted and importuned by IT necessities. You get:

  • Industry leading support and guaranteed response times
  • Complete business continuity that prevents costly downtime
  • Increased efficiency through innovative solutions as they happen

Find out more about how your business can improve profitability and increase efficiency by speaking with one of our professional representatives today.

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