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Remote work is the new normal and here’s how you can make it safe and fun

In the past 3 years, remote work has become the new normal for us. Many employees have transitioned from the office to working from home, enabling them to be more time effective and to have a better work-life balance. IT services are still critical for home workers, as they provide many processes that help you and your team to increase productivity and stay safe at the same time.

In this article, we cover 18 ways you can make remote work safe, productive, and fun.

  1. Take a picture of your computer setup before unplugging to take things to remote work including the computer cable set up in the back unless it’s a laptop.
  2. Install the updates.
  3. Update all antivirus and anti-malware tools as well.
  4. Uninstall unnecessary software from your personal computer.
  5. Use a VPN (virtual private network) always.
  6. Turn off automatic connections on your Wi-Fi.
  7. Separate your network.
  8. Lock your computer.
  9. Create a different user account for family and friends.
  10. Use a password manager.
  11. Ask the IT person in your organization about securing the DNS settings on your personal computer.
  12. Update your softphone software if you have one.
  13. Ensure secure browser configuration.
  14. Use Mozilla, Firefox, or Google Chrome as your browser.
  15. Think twice. Cybercriminals are using more and more sophisticated methods all the time and can sound trustworthy. Check email address and the sender because your CEO or other senior manager may not be the sender after all.
  16. Don’t be click happy. Not all links and attachments are safe.
  17. When in doubt, see something, say something ASAP.
  18. Check with your IT person to make sure that your data is being backed up.

If you plan to switch to remote work, make sure you take care of all the safety measures and have a chat with the IT team to ensure you can work stress-free and optimise your productivity. Remote work brings you many benefits, but it also brings initial challenges in terms of safety.

Need assistance with IT support for your remote working colleagues? Speak to the help4IT team today.

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