Does proactive IT support make for a more agile business?

proactive_itsupport“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change” – Charles Darwin

The ground-breaking scientist Charles Darwin may not seem the most obvious source of inspiration for a business blog. But – echoing his theory of evolution – the ‘change or die’ model is just as relevant to the business world as it is to the animal kingdom. So how can proactive IT support help your business to become more agile?


The fundamentals of an agile business

An agile business is one that quickly and painlessly reacts to external factors beyond its control. Whether that’s scaling-up, scaling-down, working smarter or changing direction, an agile business can do what is necessary to survive in a seamless, cost-effective and positive way.

Agile businesses understand that change is sometimes slow – a gradual shift in market trends, a change in consumer spending behaviour – or sometimes quick, like the sudden economic downturn following 9/11 or the birth of a revolutionary new technology. No matter what the scale of change, they are ready to adapt and flourish.

So how can your business become truly agile? To begin, you are faced with two initial choices – to react to change when it happens, or to proactively pre-empt it. By opting for the latter, your business can stay ahead of the curve while giving yourself more time to plan and execute clever, trailblazing solutions.


Where does IT support come into this?

Proactive IT support is a vital component of your agile business. If your IT solutions are purely reactive, your business and employees become bogged down in bug-fixing and problem-solving. Ultimately, this detracts you from the ‘bigger picture’. Proactive support does the exact opposite – spotting challenges before they have an adverse impact on your business, while freeing up staff to fully embrace their roles. To put that in real terms, proactive support means you’ll make 80% fewer calls to your IT support line.

Most IT providers offer a standard support package, often including 24/7 support. But proactive IT support takes this one step further, exceeding standard reactive services to ensure your business stays ahead of the game.


Finding the right proactive IT support

The best way to choose a proactive support package is to seek an IT provider that boosts your current capabilities. For example if you have a small or non-existent internal IT team, you’ll benefit from a dedicated IT manager who will oversee your account and provide invaluable advice when needed.

When choosing your IT provider, make sure your support package includes ongoing oversight of your IT systems and a proactive approach to the management of your hardware and software. Your support team should feel like an extension of your business – not a detached bolt-on service – with experts offering up-to-the-minute advice at every step of the way. Also ensure that your package includes regular, detailed reporting, and weekly server administration.


In a nutshell, how does IT support make your business more agile?

Proactive IT support enables your business to adapt, react and evolve in the following ways.

  • By pre-empting and solving problems with hardware or software that could stall business progress
  • By identifying industry best-practice and applying new working practices quickly and efficiently
  • By improving all areas of the business with relevant new technology
  • By freeing your time and energy from IT problem-solving and repair work
  • By giving employees the freedom to work innovatively, not reactively

Is it time to reap the rewards for yourself? Take our quiz to find out if you’re ready to hire an IT support provider.


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