How a proactive approach to IT can beat malware and secure your business server

Operating systems such as Linux are perfect for business servers. Linux servers are known for their outstanding performance and stability, which is why many small businesses select them over other operating systems. However, regardless of the operating environment, it is essential that businesses take every necessary precaution to keep their server secure, or they risk disaster.

Linux is designed to handle the demands of modern business applications such as network administration and web services, but the server is only ever as strong as its configuration. For example, you may have a dedicated virtual host server in a Linux environment, but you’ll need someone with specialist skills in Linux to configure and manage it.

You may host critical business applications such as your website or email, as well as other things. If your server goes down, your hosted services may no longer function. If these are services that you and your customers rely on for daily operations, it could be disastrous.

The loss of sensitive data can be catastrophic to any business, so it’s crucial that appropriate measures are taken to protect it.

If you have already experienced an attack it may have been on more than one occasion. This sort of thing does happen and more frequently than we’d like to see. We learnt from one small business that due to a weakness in their server security, their website suffered multiple phishing attacks. The result was that the company operating the remote server placed a block on all access. This was standard procedure, pending the successful removal of the offending code, but it meant that key services were either down or at risk of being critically damaged.

Events such as this may sound all too familiar. That’s why it’s important to seek the help of a team of IT support experts. They will have the right kind of experience and will be able to make impartial recommendations for server security solutions. With a dedicated team of professionals, not only will you be able to resolve problems rapidly when they occur, but you’ll also be able to identify issues beforehand and prevent them from developing.

Why not talk to help4IT and find out how you can overcome your security concerns with proactive, real-time server management and support?

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