Pay as you go IT support: help when you need it, peace of mind when you don’t

Traditional IT support may not work for small businesses and startups. Really, it depends on what your business is, how many users you have and the value of your time in opportunity costs. If the time spent running your business is more valuable to you then the solution is to outsource your IT. This doesn’t have to mean lengthy contracts; it can now mean pay as you go. We have found that small businesses can benefit from a pay as you go IT environment as it provides access to the experts at a fraction of the cost of a contract.

One argument that’s often held is that open source (freebies) is all that a small business requires. Free tools are great but are they truly void of cost? Someone will have to configure and manage these tools for non-technical users and eventually they’ll end up spending more time doing this and less time involved in other aspects of their job. Already have an in-house support team? Great! Pay as you go packages can support their IT efforts without tying up lots of budget in a contract that may offer more than what your business needs.

IT support is about building systems that work for you and that are in line with your business objectives. This will free up time for your workforce and even facilitate certain areas of their job, potentially increasing revenue, reducing operating costs and increasing service differentiation.

Pay as you go gives you the freedom to choose. It provides you with expert help when you need it and without an expensive regular commitment.

Help4IT provides a simple and cost effective alternative to contracts, tie-ins and headaches. You can purchase help4IT support credits and pay only for what you need, using them when you want.


You’ll have access to our experts for a range of options including:

  • Scheduled remote assistance
  • On-site support
  • OBServerTM 24 hour continuous network monitoring
  • BestSourceTM Procurement Service
  • 24/7 support / Dial4Rescue.


Discover the huge benefits of pay as you go IT support for your small business.

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