Microsoft Office 365 – Professional Business IT wherever you are

Microsoft Office 365 promises to change the way businesses work with IT. It’s a subscription-based online office and software suite that offers access to various Microsoft services based around its Office platform. There are plans for every business size. Users can send emails, access and store documents, update calendars and...
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Making Technology Work for Small Businesses and Startups

Understanding technology for business is not just the responsibility of your IT team. As a small business or startup owner it’s imperative that you understand why you need technology to run your business and how it can help not only support your operation, but also assist in growing it. As...
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Leading the Linux IT support crowd

Linux is often used for specialist applications and servers but is now moving out of the ‘niche’ and into the mainstream. It’s not for everyone but there are many SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) that use the system for mission-critical applications. We have spent years advising businesses on how to get the...
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Help4IT Top Tips: ways small businesses can prevent a cyber attack

Reported recently in the media was the news that South Korea has issued a cyber alert after an apparent hacking attack on government websites. Details included in many articles described the typical elements of the hacking process, unwanted messages would appear on websites and the sites themselves would essentially ‘break’...
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