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How MSPs Support Charities

Charities do vital work to support the vulnerable in our communities. To ensure efficiency and quality, as well as safety and compliance, charities often turn to MSPs (Managed Service Providers) for assistance. The reason charities turn to MSPs for support is to ensure that all needed support is available always...
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Why is a Multi-Cloud Environment Not Good for Your Business?

According to Cloudways, 94% of all businesses use cloud services and 48% store sensitive customer or business information in the cloud. Businesses, both large and small, are leveraging cloud technology to power their operations. But is a multi-cloud environment the best approach? Here are some of the key issues to...
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Choosing the Right IT Supplier for a Financial Services Company

Choosing an IT supplier is a critical decision for any business in today’s digital age, but for those in the financial services industry, this decision is of particular significance. An IT provider’s capacity to support the specific needs of a financial services firm can determine a broad range of its...
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How You Can Improve Your Cloud Security

Moving your IT systems to the cloud has many benefits, however, hackers are looking to access your resources and data all the time. When the cloud was first introduced, simple antivirus and log aggregation systems were enough to keep you protected, but this is not the case anymore. These basic...
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Qualities to Look for in a Microsoft 365 IT Support Company

Choosing the right IT support company is an essential business decision. A quality service provider can keep your systems running smoothly and address any issues promptly, minimising disruption to your operations. For businesses utilising Microsoft 365, partnering with a company that specialises in Microsoft 365 IT support can be highly...
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The Key Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

One thing every organisation wants is optimised processes, cost-effectiveness, and security. The reason for the popularity of cloud migration is that it helps you optimise in all these areas with savings in resources, real estate, and maintenance costs. To top that it enables you to optimise your workloads so they...
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5 Key Tips for Migrating to Microsoft 365

The era of digital transformation has necessitated a shift towards cloud-based platforms, with Microsoft 365 becoming the go-to choice for many organisations. This software suite offers businesses a range of collaborative, communication, and productivity tools such as Word, Excel, Teams, and more. However, migrating to Microsoft 365 can seem daunting....
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How do Cyber Breaches Affect Your Business?

In the past two decades, the way we conduct business has changed significantly and many processes are taken online. It’s not only your business slowing down that happens as the result of a data breach. It can impact your business in more ways than one. Here are a few examples...
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Unlocking Business Potential with Managed IT Services

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses of all sizes rely heavily on technology to drive growth, improve efficiency, and stay competitive. However, managing complex IT systems and ensuring their optimal performance can be a daunting task for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is where managed IT services come into...
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Are Your Credentials For Sale on the Dark Web?

What’s a hacker’s payday? The day when an employee of an organisation picks up and plugs in a thumb drive he found on an employee parking lot giving the hacker access to sign-on credentials and the ability to deploy a malicious payload. According to research, a staggering 60% of employees...
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Different Areas of IT Support Explained

IT support is essential for the smooth running of any business or organisation that relies on technology to deliver its services or products. At help4IT, we provide a range of IT support packages to help organisations keep their hardware, software, and network infrastructure running efficiently with minimal downtime for staff...
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Are You Prepared for a Cyber-Attack?

By March of this year, there had already been around 300 million breaches and attacks worldwide. This goes to show that criminals are becoming more active and leveraging different tools and strategies to get what they want. This raises the question “ARE YOU READY FOR A CYBER ATTACK”? The reason...
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