What benefits can a bespoke IT infrastructure offer your business?

Every business has different requirements when it comes to their IT. From storage solutions to catering for necessary processes and backup requirements, off-the-shelf solutions are not always applicable to the needs of companies, and can often result in them paying for unnecessary components. If your business hasn’t considered bespoke IT...
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3 steps to creating a more efficient IT infrastructure

The expectation for IT infrastructure within businesses is now very advanced, with requirements changing all the time. Different elements of this, such as Cloud technology have revolutionised the way in which businesses can operate and function. However, with so many solutions around, how do you know what is best to...
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How Feasible is Cloud Migration For Your Business?

Cloud computing is being adopted in ever increasing numbers by businesses across the UK (and indeed globally). The digital landscape has evolved with the cloud an integral feature of business IT. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every business has, nor indeed should they adopt cloud technology.  While more and...
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Self-Assess the Data Risks in Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

As your IT dependency grows, and your business expands, understanding your data risks and your company’s compliance responsibilities can be tricky. Indeed, it’s often the last thing on your mind when your business is growing. Concentrating on delivering better service to your customers, increasing your outreach, and improving your profitability...
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The 4 Best ways to improve your Linux desktop security

You don’t have to search too far through the pages of Google to find historic articles, such as this one from 2010, aimed at highlighting how secure the Linux operating system is, in comparison to rival systems – in particular Windows. And while there’s a historic truth to the fact...
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The DIY IT Audit Checklist and How to Conduct It

An internal IT audit is often overlooked, misunderstood or even ignored by businesses until one of two things tend to happen. Either, they experience a negative impact from poorly provisioned or deployed IT, or they already use a responsible IT provider. If your business is working within a regulatory framework,...
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4 compelling reasons to rethink your school’s wifi setup

How outdated is your school’s WiFi? According to the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), 48% of schools have under-par wireless connectivity – a shortfall that can have a far-reaching impact for pupils, teachers and administrators. But how does this affect your school in practical terms, and what benefits can a...
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5 signs you’ve outgrown your IT infrastructure

Business has become so dependent on technology that it’s hardly feasible to operate without it. But ensuring that your IT is a service and not a burden means ensuring that you’ve scaled your network and systems to your business. Your technology needs to keep up with your growth, so it’s...
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5 reasons why Linux matters to your small business

Most fast-moving modern businesses will have heard of Linux. They may even be using a distribution right now in some form or another. Linux is an open source software development and distribution that was originally used in desktop computers and has been used more recently to operate servers and other...
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3 challenges that come with the connected learning model

Connected learning is a model for education based very much around the demands of a digital world. A way of delivering learning so that it remains relevant to the world around us, adaptable to evolving technologies and engaging to the individual. A model rooted, in the words of Educause: “In...
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