Optimising your school Wi-Fi solution for the next school year

As the school year starts again, one of the most effective ways to equip your staff and students for the year ahead is with a super-fast wireless connection.


Why is your school’s Wi-Fi solution so important?

Modern education is incredibly reliant on connectivity, and your school’s internet solution plays a vital role in your day-to-day operations. With computers, tablets, smartphones and intranet portals in every classroom, your digital connections have the power to transform your school’s commutations and productivity. However, if your Wi-Fi solution is not-up-to-date, or is not correctly managed, slow Wi-Fi can actually have a negative impact, acting as a bottleneck for staff and children attempting to access essential resources and meet deadlines.


Optimising your wireless network

Schools nowadays are made up of a series of incredibly complex networks, and consumer grade network solutions often cannot provide the speed, management or security required for a connected school. The fact is, many educators struggle with poor internet strength and speed without raising the problem with their directors, meaning your school’s internet solution could be slowing down your staff without you even realising.

In order to counter this, you should consult with your broadband or IT provider to carry out an assessment of your network, looking at the number of connected devices, the average speed of connection, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. This will help you build your understanding of your wireless requirements, as well as highlighting any areas for improvement within the rest of your network.


Monitoring device security and accessibility

The security of your pupils and staff is paramount in schools and it’s essential that your internet, especially your Wi-Fi, is regularly maintained and updated to keep you secure from new threats. The best way to ensure that your network is always up-to-date is to establish a regular management policy. Make sure your IT provider has taken into consideration the security of your network, proper internet filtration and safe search, and device security, ensuring that only authorised devices are able to connect to your secure Wi-Fi channels.


If you’re looking to optimise your school’s network solution or enhance your cyber-security and device management but don’t know where to begin, give help4IT a call today on 0800 043 4448 | +44 207 653 9780. Our team will be happy to talk you through your options, creating a bespoke plan to meet your requirements.

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