Optimising IT: Make the investment or pay the price

The role of IT in any modern small businesses should be to give you the competitive edge. This means building a fully optimised IT network that provides the support where needed, drives growth, and, crucially, that can balance ROI against the cost of investment. The solution lies in planning for the future by creating a strategic roadmap that encourages and supports growth and gets the most from key IT investments. Fail to do so and your business could suffer.

Rapid growth initially is excellent for your business, but with growth comes the requirement to support your business with technology – new hardware, hosted services, process and equipment monitoring and general support.

When it comes to IT many small businesses belong in two camps: They either require investment in IT or they have modest investment and need to know how to get the most from it. Both camps, at some point, need to optimise their IT, whether to get the business off the ground or to support those critical next steps once you’re up and running.


Align IT with business goals

An IT strategy that aligns with your business plan is the first and most important part of this optimisation. It is the only strategy worth creating, which is why we encourage our customers to begin here. It provides the opportunity to move from a reactive to a proactive approach to IT. The decision to optimise your IT should come from your long-term vision of business technology and how it can drive growth, rather than from problems that occur.

We recognise the strategic importance of IT to business, so when we create a technical roadmap, we always make decisions based on a full understanding of your business plans. We recommend the following approaches:

  • Proactive – ensuring we anticipate and minimise risk
  • Responsive – minimising disruption and saving money
  • Adaptive – developing a tailored plan to help your business grow
  • Cost-effective – on-time and on-budget

IT is a key strategic function. We make sure it delivers.

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