Why now is the time to think about upgrading your business technology

In previous posts we had highlighted the impending cut-off date for support of Windows XP. 8th April 2014 was day for lamentation but also celebration, as Microsoft announced the end of support for XP.

Windows XP is one of the longest used operating systems (released in 2001) that Microsoft has created, but now it’s time for many businesses to move on. Technology has moved on – giving business owners the chance to upgrade and enhance their systems.

Why should you upgrade? You may feel you’ve got all you need. You may have a small office or home office (SoHo) set up from which you can run your business successfully. If you need to work on the move, you can, all from your laptop with an internet connection and with your mobile. But, improved business technology brings scores of benefits in productivity, flexibility, and mobility.

Why should you upgrade? Here’s why. The technology you have “always used” may develop faults over time that cannot be fixed. It may become obsolete, need upgrading or is no longer supported. Ultimately, you’ll need to consider carefully the best way to keep your company on track when it comes to technology. Not only do you have to think about ‘now’ but you also have to think about the future.

There may be solutions out there you hadn’t considered. But that’s the most crucial point. You need to take time to consider whether your company has access to modern business technology. Whether, if you have a number of employees, they have access to the right tools to work productively and in a way that suits your business. Do they need flexible working terms and do they have the right technology to enable and support that?

Businesses have derived huge benefits from business technology in the past. Working on the move, from home, and from abroad is now easier than ever. Products like Microsoft Office 365 work on multiple platforms and a wide range of mobile devices, making it possible for you to work from almost anywhere.

Advances in mobile and cloud technology have made it possible to work away from the office, collaborating with colleagues and clients who are half way around the world. This brings benefits to your company and to your staff. You have a flexible workforce, you may not need to pay for an office, and your staff can tailor their work hours to their lifestyle. All of this helps you to deliver excellent service to your customers. In order to achieve this it’s crucial you make sure you have the right systems in place.

If you’re ready to change the way you look at business technology, why not get in touch with help4IT?

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