Why no business is too small for VoIP

Why should small businesses consider a move to IP telephony? It’s a question we have come across on many occasions, and our answer is always the same. You can benefit from enhanced productivity, efficiency and reliability, as well as enjoying considerable cost savings. VoIP is not only affordable – It’s perfect for small businesses. Still not convinced? Read on!


Cost savings

For budget-conscious small businesses, VoIP phone systems are ideal. Legacy environments can be expensive to maintain, regardless of the benefits they currently bring to your business. It’s often difficult to make a change when all systems work as they should, but for small businesses that regard cost as a major push factor, VoIP certainly fits in well.

You will also often find better deals out there due to the range of vendors and connectivity providers available (we can recommend a few). It is, of course, essential that you understand precisely what you require before examining providers.


Increased productivity

VoIP is perfect for integration with other means of communication. Your employees probably use a variety of ways to contact customers and each other. Voice is an excellent mode of communication simply because it is in real time. A real-time voice conversation is, in many ways, better than sending an email or SMS. So, with a simple but sophisticated telephony system, you can expect a spike in overall productivity.

In essence, the greater the number of modes of communication your people have access to – and of customer touch points – and the better integrated these are, the more productive they’ll be.


Increased flexibility

Growth is key to any modern small business. With growth, often comes profit and success. Flexibility is key to this success, and VoIP can help you achieve it.

With VoIP, employees can potentially make calls with just the use of their Internet connection and a softphone. This may be better aligned to your employees’ work style. For example, if you don’t have an office, or you have a flexible workspace, you’ll want to be able to make calls from your company phone system, but from wherever you are. VoIP will give you this freedom.



It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s important you choose the right deployment model for your business, based on your ‘VoIP readiness’ – your data network’s ability to support the aspects of VoIP that you need. This may require that you reassess your connectivity, which is rarely a bad thing, but often only needs careful planning and sound implementation. Need an expert review of your current phone system? We can help!

We’re well versed in the world of VoIP, so why not talk to help4IT?

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